Playful Penguins Enjoy Wide Variety of Activities at Sunshine Coast Aquarium

Penguins at Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium in Queensland are spoiled for choice when it comes to playtime – if footage shared by the aquarium on September 17 is anything to go by.

The video shows the aquarium’s resident penguins engaging in a wide variety of activities as part of their enrichment, including playing an interactive game on a touchscreen, chasing bubbles, playing ball, and even looking at themselves in the mirror.

“The Little Blue Penguins are provided enrichment on a daily basis to ensure that they are mentally and physically stimulated,” penguin keeper Demi Rathbone said in a press release. “Keepers ensure the enrichment opportunities allow the penguins to explore and discover environmental changes.” Credit: Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium via Storyful