Playful Dog Goes ‘Bobbing for Apples’ in the Snow and Gets More Than He Bargained For

Some pets love going out into the snow while others avoid it at all costs. Breeze's Pitbull named Goose usually hates going to the snow and won't even go out to use the bathroom in it. But one day mom threw some rotten apples out into the snow, and he decided he wanted to go find him. It was all fun and games until it wasn't!

Breeze shared the video of her dog out 'bobbing for apples' in mid-February 2024. Goose knows where they are and digs right in face first to find them. About halfway through the video, Goose realizes how cold the snow was, and decides to high tail it back into the house where it's nice and warm!

This just cracks me up! It's like Goose's face froze and he didn't know what to do about it! Breeze had a commenter who was concerned about the dog eating the apple, @Stephanie Sourapa658 pointed out, "Apple seeds are poisonous be careful" and Goose's mom replied, "Ya, he won't eat them... just lightly plays with them lol!"

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Pet Safety In the Snow

If you're pet isn't a fan of the snow, getting them to go outside when it's ridiculously cold or there's feet of snow on the ground can be pretty challenging. Some breeds handle it better than others (Huskies come to mind) and dogs also seem to enjoy being in the cold more than cats do. But there are some ways to make it at least bearable for them. Here are some tips about how to keep cats and dogs safe when they go out into the cold.

Some pet parents love putting their pets in cute sweaters and booties, but some pets will refuse to put those things on. It's very important to make sure that you dry your pets off as soon as they come in from being out in the cold and snow. Ice and snow can get stuck in their fur, which can cause painful cracking and bleeding on paws. Another thing that can cause injuries are rock salt and other de-icers. Not only can they cause harm to paws, but they can potentially make pets sick if they're ingested.

Although our dogs used the potty outside almost all the time, we taught them to use wee wee pads inside for inclement weather. You can also have a fake patch of grass outside in a cleared off area if your pooch refuses to go anywhere but on grass. There are some other tips here to get them to go to the bathroom outside when it's cold.

Whether they love the cold or hate it, the important thing is to make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable. Extra monitoring during inclement weather is a must, since your pet may not be used to the conditions outside.

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