Player Prop Week 5 - Kirk Cousins

FFL Flash Alert - Will Kirk Cousins throw over 277.5 pass yards in this matchup against Seattle?

Video Transcript

- Yeah, I'm gonna start with Kirk Cousins. Liz, in your ringing endorsement of Kirk Cousins earlier, you mentioned he's not gonna throw up on himself. But even if he does throw up on himself just a little bit in this match-up against Seattle, it's still gonna be OK because Seattle gives up all kinds of passing yards.

The number is only 277 and 1/2. I want the over here. Literally every quarterback who's faced Seattle has crushed this total. Nobody's been held under 315 passing yards against them.

I know Cousins hasn't actually gotten there yet, but when you think about the game script in this one, the way game flow is almost certain to go, I figure he gets 130 yards to [INAUDIBLE], 120 to Justin Jefferson, and then we're most of the way there. I just need Kyle Rudolph to do literally anything, and he's over. Give me the over on this all day.

LIZ LOZA: Over is kind of like higher, and "Higher" is a song by Kirk Cousins' favorite band, Creed.