Player Prop Week 15 - Leonard Fournette

Jared Quay expains why Leonard Fournette will go over/under 49.5 rushing yards in week 15.

Video Transcript

- Oh, man. I'm a risky guy here. I'm going Leonard Fournette over 49 and 1/2 yards. I think this is his opportunity. Let's be honest. He's in the contract year. And if he wants to show that he's not Trent Richardson, he has the ball out this game. And who better doing it against the Falcons?

This is a game where I think he will-- he'll get, I would say, almost up to 70, 80 yards if you looking for the fantasy. But I think this is a low number for him, especially if they get a lead, they'll run the ball. And he knows that he's Fournette. He's was drafted before Christian McCaffrey. He has to prove that. Over 49 and 1/2 yards is easy for me here.