Platypus Reintroduced at Australian Park for the First Time in 50 Years

There’s a lot to celebrate in the land down under thanks to a collaborative effort between the University of New South Wales, Taronga Conservation Society Australian, WWF-Australia and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services. These groups helped reintroduce a platypus into Australia’s oldest national park.

The last time there was a platypus sighting in the Royal National Park was in the 1970s or nearly 50 years ago. But now, there will be platypuses paddling around the park all because of this incredible collaborative effort. Take a look at this video from UNSW Sydney, known on TikTok as @unsw, to see one of the platypuses get released.

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Wow! This is absolutely amazing and we hope everyone is celebrating this huge accomplishment. According to an article from Reuters, the platypus will be tracked for 2 years which will help researchers better understand how to intervene and relocate the species in case of drought, bushfires or floods.

“Everyone’s faces at the end just smiling so big,” pointed out @charfalc. As they should be! This is such a great conservation initiative after these wildlife animals started disappearing all those years ago. We’re excited to see what kinds of results researchers get from it. @hulksmashgreen added, “Great job everyone. Everyone in Australia is thankful.” It’s not just Australians that are thankful, we’re all thankful!

Another TikToker, @megshw, wrote what we're all thinking. It reads, "Good luck little guy!! Have a great adventure." We can't wait to see what happens further with this reintroduction effort. Plus, we need to see more of these precious babies!

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