Plant-based comfort food: Walnut-lentil Bolognese and baklava cheesecake

YouTube star, plant-based cook and author Radhi Devlukia-Shetty is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a few of her favorite recipes from her new cookbook, "JoyFull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly." She shows us how to make a meatless walnut and lentil pasta Bolognese, eggless frittata muffins with veggies and dairy-free cheesecake with a phyllo crust and classic baklava flavors.

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Walnut-Lentil Bolognese by Radhi Devlukia Shetty

I am a firm believer in having a dish for every mood, and this one happens to be completely appropriate for so many of them. Celebrating the end of a productive, satisfying day? Bolognese. Need a comforting hug of a dish because you're feeling a little down? Bolognese. Hungry? Bolognese. My version of the traditional preparation is loaded with hearty walnuts and lentils, veggies and tons of herbs, which is guaranteed to always be just the thing.

Vegan Baklava Cheesecake by Radhi Devlukia Shetty

Need I even say anything more to convince you that you will fall in love with this creamy, dreamy dessert? I shan't, as no words will do it justice. Except maybe to tell you that this makes for an extremely memorable treat. And it's so easy: just a flaky phyllo base topped with a crushed buttery cookie layer, followed by a baklava topping, then finished off with a cheesecake filling. That's it. Nothing else to add. OK, maybe a drizzle of cashew cream.

Eggless Veggie Frittata Muffins by Radhi Devlukia Shetty

For those days when it's nothing but go, go, go, I'm always grateful to have a breakfast option that can be enjoyed while in motion. These muffins are made with protein-rich chickpea flour and can be customized to whatever veg and fresh herbs you like or have on hand. Plus, they can be enjoyed hot, cold, plain, or slathered in dips. This recipe can also be made into a single quiche, which is great for serving company or bringing with you to a picnic — it's a great bring-a-dish dish. No matter how fast-paced your morning is, I do suggest taking just a moment to pause and say a prayer of gratitude before diving in.

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