What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for February 2023

February is one of those weird months — it’s shorter than the rest and yet feels longer. But if this February feels fresher and lighter than usual that’s because we have all planets going direct (meaning no retrogrades!) until April 21.

“Usually, retrogrades slow down time in our universe since we are called to pause,”  astrologer Liz Simmons tells SheKnows. “But if all planets are direct, then it will be easier than usual to pick up the pace since all planets are moving forward in our favor.” Simmons says don’t be surprised if you feel like the next few months fly in the blink of an eye. She also recommends we can use this period “to set as many projects, goals, or intentions in motion which will surely keep us busy until our next retrograde in late April.”

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We have lots to look forward to in February besides Valentine’s Day. Check out what the cosmos have in store for us below.

Feel your feelings proudly

We have a fiery Full Moon in Leo on February sign. Since full moons represent the culmination or end of a six-month cycle, according to Simmons, we should focus on how far we have come in this most recent cycle that may have to do with self-expression, romance, hobbies, and sex.

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“The lunation is our cosmic cue to embrace our talents and passion with complete confidence in our capabilities,” she says. “For some of us, we may feel called to focus on how much our relationship with sex, pregnancy, and children has also come during this lunation.” Since this full moon is in Leo, a larger-than-life presence, we may feel especially dramatic, theatrical, or emotional. Additionally, Simmons points out the moon will square rebellious Uranus, “so it might be challenging to control our emotional expression since the square will jerk our feelings around.” She suggests simply riding this cosmic wave by allowing yourself to be present with your emotions “but don’t let your emotional triggers dictate how you react.”

Erratic chatter

Mercury, the planet of technology and communication, enters the eccentric sign of Aquarius on February 11, which makes it the ideal time to try a more out-of-the-box approach to communication. “We may feel more attuned to unpredictable waves in conversation, like striking up a talk with someone and being open to wherever it may lead,” Simmons says. “Talking about radical ideas or sharing seemingly weird hot takes will be a significant part of this Mercurial transit.”

According to Simmons, Mercury in Aquarius is also the perfect time to experiment with what you think or talk about, “so be open to the unconventional since it may lead to a stroke of genius.” But because this will be an erratic communicative wave (Aquarius is also known to be aloof), Simmons advises to take everything in stride since there will be few stable or predictable chats to count on.

Trust your intuition

The sun enters the whimsical sign of Pisces on February 18, so expect things to feel magical for the next four weeks.

Pisces is such an inspiring, hopeful water sign, so we may feel more attuned to our inner worlds,” Simmons says. “Given that Pisces season is magical, the spiritual essence of this season will become more apparent. Signs and synchronicities from the universe will be more noticeable than usual. Pay attention to what’s going on in your world since it might be in alignment with your intuitive cues.”

Since Pisces season can also be imaginative, you might also feel more artistic, which makes it a great time to play around with poetry, painting, and other artistic forms. Throughout Pisces season, Simmons recommends focusing on your intuition because it’ll likely be more accurate than usual. “But the catch -22 of listening to your intuition is learning to discern your intuition from other factors such as anxiety, ego, and delusion,” Simmons advises. “Challenge yourself to listen to your inner voice and take note of the synchronicities going on around you. Make sure you’re not utilizing confirmation bias or wearing rose-colored glasses.”

Some challenges associated with Pisces season, says Simmons, are lack of discernment, increased confusion, and undeniable illusion. “Pisces season can be elusive, so it may be challenging to see things for what they are instead of what you may want them to be,”she explains. “Discernment is significant since this can allow you to be a little more detached, unbiased, and clear-minded. But if too much is going on or if there is a general lack of boundaries, then you will need to figure out how to clarify the gray areas.” She recommends  asking clarifying questions and being direct, and avoiding assumptions as much as possible. And because Pisces has a reputation for being flighty, if something is tough or emotionally challenging, Simmons advises to “try to get through it rather than walking away from it. Escaping into whatever daydream or reality suits your needs won’t be a healthy coping mechanism to employ throughout Pisces season.”

Pay attention to your dreams

A new moon in Pisces on February 20 will heighten our subconscious experiences, especially while we sleep, which is why Simmons suggests paying attention to any dreams that stand out leading up. “The three days before and the three days after the new moon will be incredibly intuitively sensitive, so this is the time to take note of what the universe is trying to convey,” she says. However, signs and synchronicities are not going to be direct, which is why she recommends being more mindful of what omens stand out to us “not only in the waking world but also in our daydreams and visions. You don’t even have to remember the whole dream. As long as you remember something that stands out, this could be a clue as to what will come up in the next six months following the new moon.”

She also recommends making the most of this new moon by visualizing what you want to bring into your life during this new cycle. “Pisces can be highly fantastical and imaginative since Pisces is known for daydreaming,” Simmons explains. “Let your imagination run wild as you visualize what you want to do over the next six months. It could be the perfect time to even use a guided meditation to focus on bringing positive aspects to your life, like finding the perfect job or meeting your soulmate.”

Time to be bold in love

Venus, the planet of love, enters fiery Aries on February 20, giving us a boost of confidence to go after our heart’s desires. “No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, Venus in Aries can be a stimulating transit to put yourself out there,” Simmons says. “You may feel more upfront and bold when asking for what you want. For example, singles may be more direct on the first day about what they’re looking for whereas couples might be more direct about where the relationship is going.”

Although this is an incredibly courageous transit for love, Simmons says Venus in Aries may also have a rough and tumble energy. “Love is sped up during this Venusian transit which may catch a lot of people off guard if they are not ready to commit to something right away. But if you’re looking for a whirlwind passion, Venus in Aries will surely bring that into your love life! Just remember to catch your breath and slow down to ensure that you and your lover are on the same page.” Singles might have the energy and momentum to date with a fresh confidence, however, Simmons says, they might feel rushed at times to find love since Venus in Aries will heighten the dire need for a relationship. On the other hand, couples can help usher in a new cycle in their relationship with this new Venusian transit. “But the catch will be making sure that both people in the relationship are on the same page so that way one person isn’t jumping the gun and surprising their partner,” Simmons advises.

One major obstacle to keep in mind during this transit is that you might confuse lust for love. “There will be an undeniable amount of passion and spontaneity, but this isn’t enough to sustain a relationship,” Simmons says. “Venus in Aries is fun, foolhardy, and quick, so we will need to slow down at some point to make sure that we aren’t rushing into something too quickly. If we don’t pause for the cause, then we may end up in a relationship or situationship that lacks a solid foundation for it to persevere. Don’t let your chemistry with someone sweep you up! Take a step back to reflect on what’s going on before committing to someone.”

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