Pizza Hut Is Testing Drone Delivery in Israel

For advocates of drone technology, the idea that drones will soon be delivering things seems inevitable.Meanwhile, skeptics wonder, "How will it work? Crazy drones flying everywhere! And what if one dropped on my head?".But soon, Pizza Hut Israel says they plan to make drones a legitimate part of their business in Israel.Pizza Hut will use drones "to drop multiple orders at government-approved landing zones.".Then drivers can handle the last leg of the journey to get these pizzas to the actual customers.Pizza Hut Israel stated that these drones should allow the trial location to deliver to about 7,000 additional households.Domino's New Zealand tried a similar scheme in 2016, but so far, drones and pizzas have yet to successfully mix. .So you could say that whether this program will continue to "take off" is still "up in the air."