Pitbull Wants You To Feel Sexy and Empowered


Pitbull talks Cuba and fragrance with Yahoo Beauty. (Photo: Instagram)

This story is part of a weeklong Yahoo series marking one year since the opening of relations between the United States and Cuba.

With more than 6 million albums and 70 million singles sold worldwide, there’s no question that at some point or another, a song by Armando Christian Perez has been stuck in your head. Of course, you might know him better by his nickname, Mr. 305, or more commonly, the artist Pitbull.

The 34-year-old Cuban rapper is holding residency in Vegas from September 23rd to mid-October, but even while he’s in Sin City, Pitbull is globally hustling. Pitbull has a brand of premium vodka, Voli, and in early August, he launched two fragrances: Pitbull Miami Man and Pitbull Miami Woman. Next year, the Miami-born entertainer is scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And of course there is his music. “We just put out a Spanish album that was No. 1. The single was No. 1, also. It’s called Taxi,” Pitbull tells Yahoo Beauty. “I’m working on the new album, and we’ll be putting out the new single and setting up the world tour around January/February.”

Yahoo Beauty: What kind of woman did you envision wearing the your new fragrance?

Pitbull: As far as the Miami one, I want you to feel empowered, I want you to feel sophisticated, I want you to feel sexy, but more than anything, I want you to feel like you earned something in life. When I say I’m the epitome of the American Dream – because I came from nothing to something – I want you to put it on, and it inspires you, like, “I can take on anything in life, especially anything today.” As you put it on in the morning, I’m hoping to inspire, “I’m going to get this done.”

What inspired the scent? How did it come about?

For me, growing up being raised by women, I was always around such great fragrances. Any fragrance I smell around the world, I try to figure out a way – like with music – to collaborate or remix. I grabbed my favorite fragrances and I started to mix them and I came up with a smell. I put together all the fragrances that I like. I said, “I want to do something along these lines.” That’s how it came about.

What scent do you prefer on the opposite sex?

I definitely love a soft, sexy smell on the opposite sex; nothing that’s too strong, nothing that’s too alerting. What I like is when you smell something when you meet somebody; you smell it and you go, “Wow. Can I smell that again?” That’s the kind of scent that I like, which is soft and sexy.

What is your grooming routine?

As far as grooming, every day is the same routine: shave, aftershave, lotion. There’s no secret! I don’t have any favorite products.

Are there any Cuban grooming products or secrets that the world doesn’t know about?

That’s a better question for the Cuban women! Off the top of my head, maybe putting mayonnaise and eggs in their hair to make it stronger. A lot of women I know did that, growing up.

What do Cuban men find beautiful?

I’m sure everybody has their own opinion of what they like. You can be the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world, but if you’re not sophisticated, then there’s really no point in sitting down. If we can’t have a conversation, then the rest isn’t going to be fun. I do like a woman that is very secure and sexy/exotic. She doesn’t have to be beautiful and gorgeous – just has to be something exotic, whether it’s your hair that’s wavy and crazy or a certain look that you have; the way you wear your clothes.

When did you visit Cuba last?

Last time I was there was 2001.

What Cuban artists should people get to know?

There’s a group called Gente de Zona, which means People of the Zone. They’ve got a record right now with Marc Anthony that’s huge and another with Enrique Iglesias. That’s a group to look out for. And El Micha. There’s so much talent down there, whether it’s people who are doing music or people who are painting. It’s just crazy. It’s like the Twilight Zone. You’re going from 2015 back to 1959. The culture down there is just so ready and willing to learn.

What are your favorite things about Cuba and Cuban culture?

It’s a very special culture. It’s a culture that’s been through a lot of history and created a lot of history. It’s a culture that’s always been moving the dial. There was a Vegas [Miami] that was born due to what went on in Havana in the 50s. When the revolution happened, that’s what spawned the idea. Everyone came to the United States one way or another, whether it was a boat, or however it may be. Now Miami is one of the meccas of not only the United States, but around the world. It just goes to show you what our culture is all about. It’s about building and creating a future, for your family.


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