Pit Bull Is the Star of Parents' Gender Reveal and It's Just Too Sweet

Celebrating a new phase in life can be equally exciting and overwhelming for everyone in the family. Even pets understand when a big change is on the horizon, so it's only right to include them when it's time to celebrate. Mom-to-be Wessli-Ann understands!

She and her husband put together the sweetest gender reveal to surprise their friends and family (it sounds like they found out the gender privately beforehand) and they made sure to include their first baby in the festivities. Actually, they made their sweet Pit Bull, Bentley, the star of the big reveal! He's going to be the best big brother, and this is only the beginning of the greatest adventure of this family's life. Check out the adorable March TikTok video!

Aww--congratulations, Wessli-Ann! This is the cutest way to share your little one's gender with your happy dog without breaking the bank or causing a major environmental disaster. Sure, balloons are made of plastic, but there's only two and they're being put to very good use. The parents-to-be took some adorable family photos, and no one will ever forget this darling gender reveal!

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Bentley, the Pit Bull, was probably the most excited to be there, though. Many commenters loved the way he ran around, as if everyone was gathered to see him. And why wouldn't they be? This happy-go-lucky guy seems like the center of attention in every room he enters, and there's zero doubt about how much his parents' loved ones adore him, too.

"The dog understood the assignment," commented @cj.fletcher05. "He wanted everybody to get a close look at what color those balloons were." No kidding! This reveal couldn't have gone better if it were choreographed, and I'm shocked that it hasn't gotten more views. It's truly priceless!

Dogs in Gender Reveals

As precious as Bentley's performance in his parents' gender reveal is, it's not the only time a talented pup has played center stage in a baby's celebration. Not long ago, a sweet Golden Retriever revealed the big surprise by eating a cake with a specific color inside. 

But really, the options are endless. Whether you let your pup rip open a dog toy with pink or blue stuffing inside, or you keep it simple with a photoshoot, including your dog is always a popular direction to go in. They'll be a big sibling when the baby arrives, after all, so it's only right that they're included in the celebration, too!

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