Pit Bull Puppy's Mesmerizing Bath Routine Is Quickly Going Viral

This video soothes the soul.

Bathtime can be so relaxing. It gives you a chance to unwind for the day and your mind can reset at least a little bit. That's why we don't understand how our dogs hate bathtime so much. They need to learn it's good for them!

Or maybe they just need to see how it's done by this adorable puppy. Known on TikTok as @royalblupit, this Pit Bull puppy has one of the best bath routines we've ever seen. Heck, it's better than ours! No wonder this clip has over 12.2 million views. Check it out!

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O.M.G. We can't handle all this adorableness! This puppy truly got the whole spa day treatment. Full bath, teeth brushed, coconut oil AND shea butter. TikToker @itzemzz_ commented, "Royal treatment." For real though! We don't even do this kind of treatment for ourselves. We don't mind though because our pups deserve it!

"I thought I was the only one who does this with my Pit Bull puppy. I feel like every dog should be treated this way. They're so innocent," said @tanisha_ware. Right?! Maybe we need to get a puppy and start giving them spa days so then bathtime won't be a struggle when they get older! @m_spamm44 wrote, "Bros living life better than me." You aren't the only one!

We actually find it so sweet that owners will go above and beyond to give their fur babies the best of the best. The creator wrote she gives this dog a bath every two weeks. Now, that's dedication! We're striving to be like this, but too bad our dogs can't stand bathtime. LOL!

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