Pit Bull Mix Runs Mile to Doggy Daycare for Help After Owner is in Car Crash

Pit Bull mix dog rushes to doggy daycare after car crash.
(Photo Credit: Tatyana Consaul | Getty Images)

A Detroit woman’s dog ran a mile to a doggy daycare center to get help after the two of them were involved in a car crash. Melissa Fickel was terrified after her dog, Aries, bolted from the scene, unaware that the canine had a plan in mind. Aries, whom Fickel adopted in 2020, had always shown an impressive level of intelligence, quickly picking up new tricks and thoroughly enjoying their visits to the park. This unfortunate event was about to prove just how smart and resourceful Aries could be.

Michigan dog runs a mile to save owner after car crash, gets help from doggy daycare

Aries and Fickel were en route to a local park when another vehicle struck theirs. Despite no injuries and minor damages, the collision notably spooked Aries. The smack of the crash had Aries jumping out of the window in an instant, Fickel told WXYZ, expressing her initial dread over what could have become of her beloved pet. “I can’t really think about it because so many things could’ve happened,” she said. Miraculously, the 3-year-old Pit Bull mix demonstrated remarkable wit by running over a mile to Michigan’s Hounds Town Metro Detroit, a doggy daycare center she often visited.

The center’s owner, Travis Ogden, described the moment two of his employees spotted Aries frantically signaling for attention at the daycare’s entrance. At first, Ogden mistook Aries for a stray but the moment she got closer, he realized it was Aries, Ogden told PEOPLE, touched by the dog’s immediate display of affection and relief upon recognizing him.

Upon understanding the situation from Fickel over the phone, Ogden reassured her of Aries’ safety. Aries, with only a minor paw injury, awaited Fickel’s pickup after the latter handled the aftermath of the crash.

Ogden praised Aries’ incredible sense of direction and intelligence. Knowing where her safe place was, especially after such a traumatic experience, shows how “smart” she is, he said, moved by the canine’s loyalty and bravery.

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