Pinterest Predicts the Top Home Trends for 2024

From western gothic to cafécore, 2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year for home design.

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The new year is right around the corner, and with it comes a promise of new trends in home design. This week, Pinterest released Pinterest Predicts—an all-in-one guide for up-and-coming trends for 2024 and shopping guides to help you get the looks. So, what’s on tap for the new year in home trends? Here’s a look at what's new.

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Tropic Like It's Hot

Anytime is vacation time with the "Tropic Like It’s Hot" trend. Seashells, wicker, palm, and hibiscus print bring out a tropical flare in the home. Grab a set of sea shell candles for your bathroom or dining room table, and finish the look with a palm-leaf lamp. The tropical look creates a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of your last beach vacation, bringing some of the sun and sand inside for an at-home escape. It's a look that would make the late Jimmy Buffet proud.


If you enjoy the cozy feel of your favorite coffee shop, you’re in luck. Cafécore is poised to be one of the biggest interior design trends of the new year. Think at-home coffee stations, chunky mugs, retro coffee posters, colorful kettles, and more. Try experimenting with deep hues, rich textures, and natural lighting, too. And if all else fails, think about what keeps you coming back to your favorite coffee bar and go from there. These fluted glass pour-over sets come in two jewel tones that look beautiful displayed on your coffee cart when not in use.

Jellyfish Decor

You might be familiar with the Jellyfish haircut—a style that combines a blunt bob and mullet that mimics the shape of the aforementioned invertebrate, but this bubbly aesthetic is moving into the home domain as well. Think squiggly silhouettes that mimic jellyfish movements through the water, sea-colored fabrics, and rounded shapes. You can add the jellyfish look into your home with simple accents like these blue ombre glass bubble vases. They feature rounded edges and circular shapes to create movement within your space.

Repurposing Materials

This look is all about being kind to the planet and reusing materials instead of sending them to the landfill. Tablecloths made from fabric scraps, home items repurposed for new uses, and everything up-cycled fit into this category. These zero-waste linen throw pillows utilize fabric squares to achieve their patchwork look.

Western Gothic

Look at the popularity of the shows Yellowstone and Wednesday. Now imagine their aesthetics meshed together. That's called western gothic. It's two words that you wouldn't think go together, but trust the process. Think Americana chic mixed with moody hues like a black rocking chair or a weathered roll desk. This ram skull table lamp perfectly mixes a decidedly Western aesthetic with black velvet accents.


Don’t be afraid to put a little kitsch in the kitchen next year. The "kitschen" look brings fun accessories, thrift finds, and bold colors into the room. It’s the opposite of minimalism and monotone, bringing a well-lived-in look to the center of your home. (Think carefully curated clutter and lots of color.) Try incorporating vegetable-shaped fridge magnets, themed coffee mugs, and colorful utensils in a whimsical canister. This flamingo salt and pepper set is the perfect example of kitsch for your kitchen.

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