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Pinterest correctly predicts trends with shocking accuracy. Here’s what they think we’ll love in 2022

Pinterest is shockingly good at predicting the future.

It’s probably not the site you use to connect with all of your friends, but you’ve most likely used it to plan for an event, pick out an outfit or scope out inspiration. That makes Pinterest uniquely poised to speak on trends that we haven’t even realized yet.

According to representatives from the visual discovery engine, eight out of 10 predictions they made for 2021 came true — and that’s a huge win considering the scramble to unpack our “new normal” post-pandemic.

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Here’s what the all-seeing data gurus at Pinterest predict will dominate the way we dress, celebrate and decorate in 2022.


Prepare to get blinged out. According to Pinterest, Gen Z is “driving a trend towards accessories that go way beyond the basic earring cuff or layered necklace.” The team noted a spike in searches for tooth gems, unique dermal piercings, rhinestone pedicures and crystal eye makeup.

Nail art is getting ready to go next-level, as Pinterest’s experts predict landscape-inspired designs — think galaxies, auroras, oceans, deserts and geodes — will be at our fingertips in 2022.

Expect rebellious haircuts like bobs, shaved heads, mohawks and mullets. Simultaneously, space buns and high puff hairstyles for natural hair are taking off thanks to Pinterest’s hair pattern search feature.

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Did you miss partying during lockdown? Prepare for “altbashes.” Millennials, Gen X and baby boomers are embracing new milestones with parties for empty nesters, successful adoptions, divorces and breakups.

Astrology is great and all, but Pinterest predicts people will embrace the stars in a new fashion — by having cosmic-themed parties. Searches for sunshine, star and moon-themed soirees have massively increased as of late.


Now that the world has survived what is hopefully the last major lockdown for a while, the way we dress as we re-enter the world is known as “dopamine dressing.” Pinterest predicts vibrant and colorful outfits will be all the rage as “dressing loud is the new dressing down.”

Though casual dressing isn’t as popular as it used to be, “lounge-erie” is making waves. Satin nightwear and other classic nightdresses are blowing up on Pinterest, so ditch the joggers for something silky smooth.

Get ready to legitimately clutch your pearls — because iridescent accents are back in style. “Pearlcore” is taking over searches in fashion, weddings, jewelry and more.

If you’ve felt a darkness has been washing over society lately, you’re right. Goth is coming back, baby, and it’s not just a phase. From business casual to kitchen decorations to baby clothes, searches for “goth” styles are up.

Checkered designs are also having a moment, with special interest from millennials and baby boomers.


Pinterest has seen searches for fun “emotional escape rooms” like rage rooms, music rooms, crystal rooms and massage rooms spike. Sometimes your safe space is a literal space, it seems.

Curves are popping up everywhere, from sofas to pool decking to kitchen islands.

Are you a millennial plant lover? Consider building your passion for plants into your home with “biophilic design.” Pinterest has noticed the buzzword trending lately, and it’s worth checking out, even if a staircase garden or a floral ceiling is reserved only for your dreams.

Mamma Mia, here we go again: Pinterest users have been letting Ancient Greece inspire them when it comes to jewelry, wallpaper, statues and columns.

Pinterest predicts that luxury will become the goal all over your home. Searches for “luxury laundry rooms,” “luxury basements,” “luxury gaming rooms” and more are on their way up.

For more information on what’s trending with pets, finance, wellness and more in 2022, check out the official Pinterest Predicts site.

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