The 'pinkest person in the world' has spent $1.5 million on pink clothes and products

There’s having a favorite color, and there’s Kitten Kay Sera, whose love of pink is next level.

Kitten, who lives in West Hollywood, wears pink every day — to the gym, to bed, to weddings, and yes, even to funerals. “I’ve been wearing nothing but pink exclusively for over 35 years,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Kitten Kay Sera is known as the Queen of Pink. (Photo: Yahoo)
Kitten Kay Sera is known as the Queen of Pink. (Photo: Yahoo)

But pink wasn’t always her signature shade. “Growing up, I didn’t really wear much pink,” she says. “I didn’t know it was my favorite color until I wore it, head-to-toe, on my 20th birthday. Then, it just felt right — and pink chose me. I was tickled pink from that day forward!”

Kitten realizes that her love of pink has limited her job opportunities, since she won’t wear a uniform (unless, we imagine, it happens to come in pink). But she’s not changing herself for anyone. “I don’t come any other way,” she says. “I come in this. I come in pink.”

And it’s not just her clothes that are blushing. Every single item in her home — from her coffeemaker to her fridge and treadmill — is pink, along with her car and her hair. “I’ve easily spent $1.5 million on my pink obsession,” she admits.

She even uses beet juice to dye her naturally white dog — you guessed it — pink. “It’s totally safe and vet-approved,” she says of the tint for her dog, Miss Kisses. “I wouldn’t do anything to harm her. I love her so much.”

The Queen of Pink gets encouragement for her unique style from her 101,000 followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as “the pinkest person in the world.” She says, “People tell me on a daily basis that I’m inspiring to them, and that makes me so happy.”

Kitten Kay Sera is in the pink. (Photo: Yahoo)
Kitten Kay Sera is in the pink. (Photo: Yahoo)

Not surprisingly, Kitten shares that she’s also been told she’s crazy, but if you think that would make her walk away from her favorite shade, you’d be mistaken. “I don’t care because, you know what? I do whatever I want,” she says. “I always say, ‘Dare to be daring.’”

She adds: “I am the flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

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