Pink Starburst Sorbet Bars Are The Perfect Frozen Treat To Break Out On A Hot Day

Kelly Allen

From Delish

Everyone knows that pink Starbursts–or the strawberry ones, if you want to get technical–are the supreme flavor of the candy. In case you missed it, you can buy sorbet bars that taste exactly like them.

Instagrammer @snackgator recently featured the frozen treat on their page: “Almost exactly 6 years ago, these Starburst Strawberry Sorbet Bars were introduced to freezers nationwide,” the user wrote in the caption. “A year later, they added Orange Sorbet Bars, but those didn't last.” Are we surprised the orange ones didn’t last? No. Although they probably weren’t bad, pink Starbursts are a consistent fan-favorite. It’s no surprise that the strawberry-flavored sorbet bars are still kicking. “We find them at Dollar Tree (for the singles - which we believe is the only way to find them now),” Snack Gator continued.

The frozen treats are essentially what they sound like: strawberry-flavored sorbet molded into a square on a stick. In the past, Starburst Sorbet Bars have been sold at retailers including Walmart and other grocers in boxes of four for around $3. The singles found at Dollar Tree locations and elsewhere are likely cheaper.

If that’s not enough pink Starburst flavoring for you, the brand sells a drink mix that’ll make water taste like the candy. And if you want something that’s a little more do-it-yourself, you can make pink Starburst cosmopolitans. Of course, along with that, you can always buy bags of all pink Starbursts to have on hand 24/7.

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