‘The Pine-Sol Lady’ Diane Amos On Celebrating 30 Years As The Face Of The Brand, #CleanTok And Being One Of The OG Influencers

‘The Pine-Sol Lady’ Diane Amos On Celebrating 30 Years As The Face Of The Brand, #CleanTok And Being One Of The OG Influencers | Photo Courtesy of Pine-Sol
‘The Pine-Sol Lady’ Diane Amos On Celebrating 30 Years As The Face Of The Brand, #CleanTok And Being One Of The OG Influencers | Photo Courtesy of Pine-Sol

Diane Amos is the original “queen of clean.” Since 1993, she has been the famous face associated with Pine-Sol. Amos portrayed the no-nonsense matriarch singing the praises of the cleaning product with her catchphrase, “That’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby!”

Throughout her tenure with the brand, the multi-talented comedian and actress has provided checklists and cleaning tips, helping millions keep their homes in top-tier condition.

Coinciding with Amos’ anniversary, Pine-Sol announced the launch of its new and improved line of Multi-Surface Cleaners. To celebrate Amos’ 30 years with Pine-Sol, Blavity spoke with Amos about her long-standing partnership with the brand.

Thirty years is an impressive length of time to work with a brand. What prompted your partnership with Pine-Sol? 

Diane Amos: My partnership with Pine-Sol started with my love of the arts from an early age. My mother was my biggest inspiration; she showed me how to walk through closed doors and taught me that whatever I do, do it right and do it with passion. At a young age, I was in every play in every school. Improv found me in high school. That led to my love of stand-up comedy, which led to films and television work. Combining that with my passion for helping my community, I was delighted at the opportunity to be the face of a cleaning brand I grew up with in my home.

Pine-Sol is such an iconic brand; what has been your perspective of its longevity as someone whose face is associated with it?

DA: For me, like many others, Pine-Sol is not just a product but a symbol of heritage and tradition. Passed down from generation to generation, the green and yellow label, you know, and love, elicits a sense of familiarity and comfort. Of course, I can’t talk about the brand without mentioning the quality of the product, but also the memories that are woven into each use. The Pine scent alone can transport me to being a little girl at home, watching my mom clean around the house. The brand’s longevity is a testament to its strong emotional connection for generations to come, and I’m thrilled to continue working with Pine-Sol.

You were possibly the first “brand influencer” before social media. How do you think that world has evolved, especially in the home/cleaning realm?

DA: The social media landscape has opened a world of possibilities. Before, “brand influencers” like myself were merely figures appearing in print, television and online ads. Today, consumers have countless opportunities to engage with brands they love through social media and form deeper connections with “influencers.” Regarding home/cleaning brands, social media also opened more avenues for these brands to connect with their audience. Flashback 10 years ago, and the concept of “cleantok was nonexistent. Now, #CleanTok alone has over 100 billion views, surpassing typical cleaning content.

Do you enjoy watching the #CleanTok cleaning content from current home influencers?

DA: Definitely! I’m always learning new cleaning tips or trends from influencers, and it’s my favorite to see how they incorporate Pine-Sol in their cleaning routines.

What is one of your favorite cleaning hacks using Pine-Sol that has stood the test during your 30-year relationship?

DA: My secret weapon is using Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaners in the bathroom. Of course, no one likes to clean the bathroom, but it’s a Saturday Morning ritual for me. Pine-Sol can easily tackle the entire bathroom from top to bottom: floors, showers, tubs, and toilets, and especially those lines of white tile grout on steamy shower walls or bathroom floors that are magnets for grime. The cleaners cut through dirt and soap scum to keep my bathroom looking and smelling great — just in time for a nice relaxing bubble bath.

What is your favorite Pine-Sol scent or combo? 

DA: The Original Pine scent will always have a special place in my heart, but recently, Pine-Sol launched its latest scent, Refreshing Clean, which might be my new favorite! Inspired by fresh linen with citrus, pear jasmine, and rose notes, Refreshing Clean is my go-to for this year’s spring cleaning season.