Piers Morgan Slams Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Over Coronation Response

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s #1 fan Piers Morgan is speaking out again about his favorite couple (that’s sarcasm, folks). The “Piers Morgan Uncensored” host just appeared on Fox News and—surprise!—took the opportunity in front of an audience of millions to bash the former royals. What hasn’t he bashed the pair about since they left the UK?! This time, his tirade is about their rather tepid response to being invited to King Charles’ coronation in May.

In the short clip, the controversial British talking head manages to call Harry a “ratbag,” slam him for making “millions” off his father while simultaneously bashing him in his biography “Spare,” allege that the pair will only appear at the coronation for their own selfish reasons (ie. fodder for their reality show), and in sum, assert that the whole thing is “absolutely revolting.”

He may have some valid points, but in typical Piers fashion his delivery is harsher than harsh. Here’s exactly what was said:

Piers Morgan Slams Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Coronation Indecision On Fox News 

Piers appeared on “Friends” with hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on Monday, March 6th to speak about the illegal immigration issue in the UK. After providing a few talking points about whether the PM will receive public support for cracking down on the boarder there, Piers quickly pivoted to talking about “his favorite topic:” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

After Ainsley asked Piers about Harry’s appearance at a mental health conference in San Francisco this week, and whether the couple will accept their invitation to the coronation, Piers laid into the couple. Watch:

“Charles has been magnanimous,” Piers praised about his beloved monarch on the show. “He’s invited them to the coronation, but they’ve reacted exactly how I knew they would react. They haven’t been gracious and gone, ‘Wow, thank you. That’s really big of you, Dad.’ No, they said, ‘Yeah, we’ve had the invitation, and we’ll think about our decision.’ Think about that. ‘Our decision.’ These two little upstarts living in their California mansion are going to make their grand decision whether to attend the coronation of Britain’s new monarch.” Zing!

To many, Piers’ critique may ring true. It does come off as a bit bit bratty, or at least bad mannered, to say that they’ve received his invitation without expressing some gratitude for being invited. But this is about more than manners: a father has extended an olive branch to his estranged son. A son who has talked openly to the press about their complicated family dynamics, such as his parents’ divorce and relationship with stepmother Queen Consort Camilla.

That point was not lost on Piers: “For all [Harry’s] moaning about his father, Charles has bankrolled this little ratbag for the last 15 years,” Piers went on. ‘Literally bankrolled him, giving him millions and millions and millions of pounds, and now he has the gall to turn around and say, ‘My father’s awful, the monarchy’s awful. Everything about this is terrible. They treat my wife terribly. But we want to be at the coronation.’ And you know why? They want to be at the coronation so they can milk it for future material for the next Netflix documentary, the next book, or whatever it may be to line their own pockets. They want their royal cake, and they want to eat it. And I find it absolutely revolting.”

Yep–there you have it: the full-on bashing Harry and Meghan moment Piers cannot make a media appearance without. If this were a drinking game, we’d all be three sheets to the wind.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Statement On The Coronation, Explained

In case you missed it, all of this fuss stems from the the couple releasing the following statement through their spokesperson this week.

In what’s likely an effort to clear the air about whether they had been invited to the coronation, their rep said: “I can confirm the Duke has recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation,” the statement read. “An immediate decision on whether the Duke and Duchess will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time,” it continued. Aka: they either don’t know whether or not they are going, or they are purposefully withheld the information (perhaps for security purposes?).

While the pair did confirm that they had received the invitation, they purposefully didn’t say whether or not they would be attending. This may be for security reasons, but many saw it as a slight to the King, who has seemingly been generous and understanding towards his youngest song and American daughter-in-law as they have slammed the royal family in interviews with Oprah Winfrey, a series on Netflix and in Harry’s very-revealing memoir ‘Spare’ (which, apparently, also might have crossed the line for Meghan herself).

The couple, whose press appearances has been spoofed as a “Worldwide Privacy Tour” on a recent South Park episode, have shared so many details publicly about their fall out from the royal family. And even Harry himself has said that he wanted to reunite with his estranged father and brother Prince William. So, why not be a little more enthused when talking about this potential family reunion?