Pieces Of Her viewers are warning each other about this one scene from the Netflix show


Pieces Of Her is the latest thriller series to drop on Netflix, and fans have become thoroughly obsessed.

The series focuses on mother and daughter, Laura (Toni Collette) and Andy (Bella Heathcote), who find themselves involved in a violent attack in their small town. Following the chaos, Andy begins to uncover details about her mother's dark and mysterious past, with potentially deadly consequences looming.

Since the series dropped on Netflix, we've been officially gripped - with fans all saying the same thing about Andy, as well as unpacking the show's ending.

Now, viewers have taken to social media to warn each other about one particular scene from the series, and they can't stop talking about it. *Spoilers ahead*.


Pieces Of Her might be eight episodes long, but the scene in question actually takes place right at the beginning of the show - with viewers warning each other about the opening's brutal first 10 minutes.

The scene sees Laura and Andy heading to a diner for lunch when a man arrives and shoots multiple people dead. When Laura tries to stop him, he plunges a knife right through her hand, before Laura then turns the knife on his neck and kills him. All of this happens within minutes of the series beginning, and viewers have been quick to warn each other about just how graphic the scenes are.

One viewer tweeted, "Anyone looking to watch Pieces Of Her on @netflix, the first 10 minutes of the series are extremely difficult and feature seriously grotesque images."

Another added, "Pieces Of Her seemed like it would be a good show but I really can’t get pass how gruesome the first 10 minutes are."

While some viewers were issuing warnings about the show, others simply took to social media to express their shock at the opening scene.

"I’m literally sitting here speechless with my mouth wide open watching the first 10 minutes of Pieces Of Her," wrote one viewer.

"First 10 minutes of Pieces Of Her got me on the edge of this damn couch," added another.

Despite the shocking scenes, other viewers were quick to praise the opening, with one writing, "The first ten minutes of Pieces Of Her is the best opening to a tv show I’ve seen in a long time - Toni Collette is incredible."

Either way, we're gripped.

Pieces Of Her is now streaming on Netflix.

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