Photos! See All 13 Acts Auditioning Tonight on ‘American Idol’

Get a look at the 13 artists performing on ‘American Idol’ night five.

American Idol is back on its regular night and time this Sunday for the fifth night as judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan continue their search among the hopefuls who show up to audition in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Nashville for a chance to be awarded a Golden Ticket and advance to Hollywood.

The 13 artists pictured in our gallery are hoping to get their hands on that very special ticket that could change their lives.

But there are three even more special tickets being given out this season – one in each audition city. So far, 17-year-old Tyson Venegas from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was awarded the Las Vegas Platinum Ticket, and 15-year-old Kaylin Hedges from Pound Ridge, N.Y. was bestowed with the Nashville Platinum Ticket, which means only the New Orleans Platinum Ticket remains. Will some talented singer be awarded it tonight?

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Launch the gallery to see the 13 artists auditioning tonight:

<p>Carina DeAngelo</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Carina DeAngelo

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Fire</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>


ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Kamron Lawson</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Kamron Lawson

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Johnny Knox</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Johnny Knox

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Kayleigh Clark</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Kayleigh Clark

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Mariah Faith</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Mariah Faith

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p> Nailyah Serenity</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Nailyah Serenity

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p> Ophrah Kablan</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Ophrah Kablan

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Owen Eckhardt</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Owen Eckhardt

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Paige Anne</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Paige Anne

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Pjae</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>


ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Tori Green</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Tori Green

ABC/Eric McCandless

<p>Warren Peay</p><p>ABC/Eric McCandless</p>

Warren Peay

ABC/Eric McCandless

American Idol Night 5 Artists:

Carina DeAngelo, 25, Kailua, Hawaii, Meatball Connoisseur

Fire, 22, Lawton, Okla., Dancer

Johnny Knox, 26, Huntsville, Ala., Medical Software Salesman

Kamron Lawson, 21, Beckley, W.V., Cashier

Kayleigh Clark, 17, Sumrall, Miss., High School Student

Mariah Faith, 21, Conway, S.C., Hairstylist

Nailyah Serenity, 22, Charlotte, N.C., Retail Advisor

Ophrah Kablan, 20, Clio, S.C., Nail Technician

Owen Eckhardt, 19, Broken Arrow, Okla., Veterinary College Student

Paige Anne, 16, Idaho Falls, Idaho, High School Student

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Pjae, 23, Lawton, Okla., Branding Designer

Tori Green, 20, Corona, Calif., Waitress

Warren Peay, 23, Bamberg, S.C., Appliance Repair Technican

American Idol airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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