Photographer son teaches his mom how to pose in adorable TikTok

This photographer taught his mom how to pose for photos and it was so adorable!

David Suh (@davidsuh) is a TikToker, photographer, and posing coach based in Los Angeles. On TikTok, David shares his tips and tricks for transforming your poses from lackluster to truly fierce. While David often demonstrates the poses himself, in a recent video he decided to give a posing lesson to someone truly special: his mom! In the sweet video, David shows his mom how to pose for a photograph so that she’ll look confident, stylish, and totally fierce.

The video begins with a shot of David standing in front of the camera wearing a simple outfit of black pants and a white t-shirt. Then, his mom walks into the frame. She looks nervous, but gives her son a hug. “Teaching my Korean mom how to pose in Korean,” David writes in a caption.

David starts by telling his mom to stand up straight with her arms at her sides, facing the camera. David shows her the pose and she mimics it, smiling slightly as her son teaches her.

“First, bring this leg forward,” David tells his mom in Korean, placing one foot in front of the other.

His mom hesitates momentarily, then copies her son.

“Your hip, this way,” David instructs next, showing his mom how to pop her hip out to the side.

Then, he gently corrects her. “Don’t do it like this,” he says, popping his hip out dramatically and leaning to the side.

“I got it,” David’s mom replies, correcting the pose.

David continues to give his mom directions, telling her subtle ways in which she can improve the pose.

Finally, David’s mom gets the pose just right. “You got it!” David exclaims.

“Oh, that looks great!” David’s dad chimes in from offscreen.

Then, David helps his mom put the finishing touches on the pose, instructing her to let her sweater slide off of one shoulder and put one hand on her hip.

“Wow!” David’s dad exclaims as the video ends. “So professional!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of David and his adorable mom.

“She’s got the moves,” one viewer wrote.

“She’s so cute!” commented another TikToker.

“She looks great! Gotta see how the photos turned out!” another TikToker chimed in.

David’s mom is certainly a natural when it comes to posing. Of course, she also had a great teacher! In a follow-up video, David shared some of the photos he took of his mom and she was slaying it!

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