Photographer gets hit by bike during proposal gone wrong

If you’re going to photograph a milestone moment, avoid standing in the bike lane while you do so. One man named Joshua — or officialjoshyjosh on TikTok — learned this the hard way when, while photographing a friend’s proposal, he got hit by a biker. On Sept. 22, Joshua uploaded a video of the unfortunate (albeit hilarious) moment to TikTok. Down on one knee, Joshua’s friend can be seen in a dapper gold suit proposing to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge while someone takes a video and Joshua snaps photos. Joshua made the grave mistake of venturing into the bike lane on the Brooklyn Bridge to get the perfect shot, however, and he paid the ultimate price for it. While maneuvering around to get photos from a different angle, Joshua didn’t see a biker heading his way, so the two ended up colliding. Some users blamed Joshua for being in the bike lane on one of the most crowded bridges in New York City. Most people agreed, though, that the video was pretty hilarious