Photographer’s ‘faceless’ Christmas photos can help protect little ones online

This photographer is showing other moms how to do a “faceless Christmas baby photoshoot” — without sacrificing any cuteness.

Not all parents are comfortable showing their little ones’ faces online. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to share precious moments and milestones, either. First-time mom and photographer Jennifer Lorin shared a few helpful tips using her baby boy as an example.

Lorin used the Christmas tree in her living room as the setup for the shoot. She was able to carefully obscure her son’s face using adorable props like a red floppy Christmas hat, ornaments and stockings.

The mom also used different angles to capture her son in action without showing his face. For example, there was one photo of him lying on his back, holding an ornament up. The scene was organic, but Lorin captured it from the right angle.

In another set of photos, he wore a Santa hat that was just big enough to cover his eyes when he turned his head. For the other pictures, Lorin captured him under the tree or from behind.

“I love the shot from behind looking at the tree — I feel like that is pure ‘the wonder of Christmas,'” a user wrote.

“Oh my god yes yes yes. No face photos need to be more common with kids,” a person commented.

“Love this as someone who won’t post my babies face but loves to make TikToks,” another added.

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