Photographer Captures Most Stunning Images of Animal Babies in Africa

By now, it's a universally known fact that baby animals are the cutest things on Earth. I find it impossible not to stop in my tracks whenever I spot a puppy, and I'd spend hours watching the families of deer in my front yard if I could. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time on the baby animal side of TikTok, too!

Every puppy and kitten I see is as cute as the last, but I especially love scrolling by animals I don't see as frequently, like horses and their foals. It's even rarer to see exotic animals and their babies in the wild! So when I saw South African-based photographer Karolina Norée's compilation of baby animals she's seen, I couldn't get enough!

This October 22 video has already racked up nearly 200 thousand views, and everyone is loving the adorable animal babies. What's not to love?

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Aww! This is seriously adorable, and I can only imagine how elated Karolina must've felt seeing these precious babies in person. If I'm grinning just seeing them through a phone screen, I would've been nearly squealing to see the real thing. Fortunately, I could always visit baby animals at the zoo!

I'm not surprised at all to see so many people appreciating these majestic wild animals, and I'm sure @karolinanoreewild appreciates it, too. Commenter @kmhumo said what we were all thinking: "Can someone really have a favorite after seeing all those little faces?" It's impossible! The baby elephant with its ears flat back on its head was just too sweet, but the hyena was absolutely pet-worthy! (Not really--please don't pet wild animals.)

"Thank you for showing us this," said @canelitarev. "I hope it brings awareness to save them." I couldn't agree more! So many wild animals are in danger of extinction due to poaching and habitat loss, but raising a little awareness can go a long way.

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