Photographer captures moment engagement ring gets lost in sand during proposal: 'I can't make this up'

It’s every couple’s worst nightmare. Just moments after a beach proposal, these lovebirds dropped the bride’s ring in the sand.

TikToker @tandkay021 posted a series of videos about the incident saying, “I can’t make this up.” Crazily enough, the exact moment the ring fell into the sand was captured by the hawk-eyed photographer. But it would take hours before they retrieved the lost ring.

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The bride-to-be went to hug her fiancé, who was on one knee, and the ring flew right out of the case. Afterward, the couple and the photographer were stuck searching in the sand for a needle in a haystack.

The video racked up 16.4 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok.

“Note to future fiancé: don’t propose on beach,” a user joked.

“This is exactly why I tied a ribbon to the ring when I did my beach proposal. If we dropped it, easy to find,” another said.

“My engagement ring fell into the sand at a man made beach the day before my wedding been there,” a person commented.

Fortunately, several hours later, they were able to find the ring thanks to the photographer. While everyone else was using flashlights and a metal detector, the photographer just had her phone and her hands.

The bride-to-be was in tears with relief in the pitch-black darkness after being reunited with the jewelry.

“Photographers have good eyes!!!! Not only did her family come to the rescue they also stayed very later in the dark and cold,” she added in the caption.

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