Photographer asks Marine to take a photo, and he invites her to a ball: 'Dang, that’s cool'

A photographer asked a Marine if she could take his picture, and the Marine ended up inviting her to a ball and introducing her to his friends and family.

Kara Lewis (@karaxlewis) is a photographer, videographer and editor who sometimes asks strangers on the street if she can photograph them. In one of her videos, Lewis recorded the surprising moment she asked a Marine is she could take his photograph. He not only let her take a picture, but he also invited her to photograph the ball he was attending! In the moving video, Lewis meets the Marine’s friends, girlfriend and even his grandma.

The video begins with Lewis spotting a man in a military uniform and asking him if she can take his photo.

“I’m a photographer,” she explains as the man approaches the window of her car. “I wanted to see if there’s any possibility of me taking some photos of you?”

The Marine smiles at Lewis but shakes his head.

“I can’t right now. I’m about to go to the ball practice,” he explains. “I have a ball tonight. It’s the Marine Corps's birthday.”

“Oh really?” Lewis asks, sounding disappointed. “Dang, that’s cool.”

But then the Marine does something surprising: He invites Lewis to attend the ball and photograph it!

Lewis jumps at the opportunity and immediately heads to the mall to pick out the perfect ball gown. After selecting a glamorous dress, she heads to the ball, where the Marine introduces her to his girlfriend.

Then the Marine jumps on a Zoom call with his grandma, and Lewis gets to meet her, too!

“His grandma was supposed to fly out but she got sick,” Lewis explains in a caption.

Lewis spends the rest of the evening getting to know the Marine and his girlfriend, and photographing all of their friends. The video ends with a slideshow of some of the lovely photos Lewis took of the event.

“Lucky you.”

Viewers were moved by Lewis’s experience.

“Wow! I love this!” one viewer wrote.

“Lucky you. Well done,” commented another TikToker.

“The pics were lovely,” wrote another viewer.

Sometimes, life is full of wonderful surprises!

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