Pet Supply Company Showcasing Cat Bunk Bed Has Us Saying 'Just Take Our Money'

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen?

When it comes to buying supplies for our pets, the choices are endless. Toys, beds, accessories. Seriously, anything you can think of they have it. But every once in a blue moon, a new item will pop up that we haven't seen before and because we treat our pets with royalty, we grab out our credit cards and purchase it before it's too late. This item from the cat supply store known on TikTok as @mewofun is one of those situations.  

The company has some pretty amazing and unique items up for sale, but there's one, in particular, that caught our eyes. To some it may seem like a normal cat bed, but in reality, it's the bestest cat bed we've ever seen. You get the comfort not sharing your bed with your fur baby while still keeping them right next to you. It's the best of both worlds. Once you see it, you'll be adding it to your cart immediately! 

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O.M.G. It reminds us of those cat perches people place on windows, but instead, this connects right to our beds. How cool is that?! Plus, it looks insanely comfortable. Just look at how the cat in the video snoozing! "If I buy the bed, is the cat included? 😏," asked @rocklobster007. We'll happily purchase several if they come with cats. LOL! 

"Ahh another thing for me to buy my cat that he'll ignore," said @Chicken The Cat. There's no way a picky cat could ignore this! It's too cool of an item, but if so, it's their loss. Or as @Angie Nguyen wrote, "You buy it for the box it comes in 😌." Ha! That'll keep them happy! 

"My cat would assume that's my new bed..." commented @the_laufox. LMAO! We think a lot of cats will get this idea in their heads. Sooner or later they'll realize it's a thrown of their own. BRB, going to purchase one for our cats!