Pet Lambs' Adorable 'Crimes' are Too Cute to Prosecute For

These adorable animals could get away with anything.

Bramble, Button and Bean are a group of adorable Valais black-nosed lambs who love trouble just as much as they love each other. It seems like they're always getting into mischief around their South Wales home, but their creative owner turned their troublemaking into the perfect video reference on their account, @bramble_button_and_bean.

In fact, the lambs' new TikTok video featuring all of this week's 'crimes' is positively awe-inspiring. Or in this case-- 'aww' inspiring!

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LMAO! The Law and Order music is absolutely perfect, and it sets such a mysterious vibe. Add that to these' lambs' precious shenanigans, and it's almost too cute to handle. If we were their owner we'd be endlessly entertained!

"They get all charges dropped for being cute," argued commenter @travelerwanted. We couldn't agree more! Luckily, a jury of their peers will likely feel the same way, so we have a feeling these cuties will get off scot-free. Plus--their attorney is coming to the rescue!

"I'm their lawyer," explained @thunder_giraffe. "They were framed." We thought so! Video footage isn't enough proof to put these three behind bars, but even if it were--they have the right to a fair trial in front of a jury beforehand.

@Google asked, "do we at least get to hear their side of the story?" Well, if a tech giant like Google asks, they must receive! There's no way to avoid a trial now, and it sure seems like everyone's siding with the lambs. Maybe it would be best to just drop the charges!

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