Pet Company Is Hiring Dog for 'Chief Barketing Manager' Complete with a Salary and Benefits Package

Nope, this is not a drill.

PedMeds is hiring, and this position can only be filled by "tail-wagging rock stars with a knack for marketing." They're looking for one dog to become their new 'Chief Barketing Officer,' and they're even offering a salary and benefits package.

Can you think of any pups who'd be interested in applying?

OMG, this is such a fun opportunity! We're sure there will be lots of interest in this position--and rightfully so--but we're so excited to see what lucky dog gets to live the high life for the next year.

The Chief Barketing Officer will receive a $10,000 salary as well as many great benefits. They'll get a whole year of free telehealth veterinary appointments through PetMeds, as well as a monthly VIP gift box of dog toys and pet products to sample. After all, 'quality control' is in the CBO's job description!

Before starting their 'white collar' life, the brand new canine executive will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Delray Beach, Florida to be officially welcomed to the PetMeds family. They'll get their very own photoshoot and featured social media posts, though the job perks will keep your pup feeling like a star all year long. There will be so many new dog treats to taste!

In order to apply for the position, "post a 30-second Instagram Reel of your dog in your main feed with the hashtag #petmedsCBO2023 [...] The caption is your dog’s job application — use it to say why they are the best candidate for Chief Barketing Officer!" And don't forget to tag @PetMeds in your post!

This contest runs until May 21, so make sure to get your applications in!

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