Pet Boarding Facility Worker Delighted to Discover Cat's Cute Hidden Talent

She's beautiful and talented.

This cat has everything going for her. She's beautiful, she has the cutest name ever (Crouton!) and she has a super adorable trick that she performs on command.

We absolutely love the video posted by TikTok user @Moo.dey who works at a pet boarding facility and was delighted to learn of cute Crouton's hidden talent.

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If this were our cat she would weigh 200 pounds because we'd make her high five for treats nonstop.

We can totally agree with @AngryAsparagus who comments, "I hope I can be as cool as crouton someday." @Kelsey replies, "This is it. This is the perfect cat." She is pretty perfect, we have to admit. @Kimakins has been inspired by Crouton and says, "I was looking for another trick to teach my cat! He already spins in both directions and dances. Thank you, Crouton!" @Tarmeka adds, "That's the cattiest little cat face I've seen all day!" It really is. crouton does have the cattiest little cat face.

If you want to teach your cat how to high five, sit in front of them pr place them at eye level to you on a stable surface like a table. Hold a treat in your hand and raise your hand in front of them. If they attempt to touch your hand with their paw praise them and give them the treat. Now repeat on a regular basis and your own cat will be high- fiving in no time!

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