Pesto eggs have taken TikTok by storm: Here's how to recreate them at home

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Back in the spring, people collectively freaked out over pesto eggs, a new take on having eggs for breakfast. The idea came courtesy of registered dietitian nutritionist Amy Wilichowski, who shared the recipe on TikTok.

"I've always put pesto on pretty much everything," Wilichowski tells Yahoo Life, noting that she's been making her own pesto since college. "One day I was like, 'Let's just put the pesto on first and crack eggs directly into the pesto,'" she says. "I filmed it and put it on TikTok and the video absolutely blew up. I was not expecting it to, but people love pesto."

Now, Wilichowski has a new delicious take on pesto eggs: the pesto egg breakfast burrito, and you can recreate it at home. Naturally, it all starts with pesto eggs. 

Pesto egg ingredients:

Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix them up with a fork. Then, spread the pesto evenly in the bottom of a warm pan. "My rule of thumb is one tablespoon of pesto per egg," Wilichowski says. Once it starts to simmer, pour in your eggs. As soon as the eggs start to set, begin folding them toward the middle. Add a dash of pepper, salt and garlic powder

Burrito ingredients:

Spread pesto on top of the tortilla. On top of that, smash an avocado with a fork. Add salt, spinach, American cheese and crispy hash browns. Layer on cooked bacon, and top it off with pesto eggs. Roll up your burrito and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on the outside of the tortilla. Place your burrito on a hot pan and heat each side. Remove it from the pan, slice and enjoy. 

Wilichowski calls the results, "incredible" — and they're easy to recreate at home!

Video produced by Kat Vasquez

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