People Are Debating Using Bathroom Time To Avoid Parental Duties After This AITA Post About A Husband Who Goes Five Times A Day

As a great author once said, everyone poops. But one redditor's husband has people talking about just how much everyone poops.

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The redditor in question posted in the r/AmITheAsshole subreddit, asking, "AITA for telling my husband that he poops too much?" They then launched into the details of the case, which I'll summarize for you here:

— The husband poops two to three times in the morning, and then "at least three more times" throughout the day, totaling at least five to six times per day.

— Each "session" takes at least 20 minutes, according to the OP.

— He does take his phone with him.

— They have one kid, so the OP feels burdened about having to "accommodate my husband's pooping schedule" along with all their other responsibilities.

— The OP is pretty sure the husband is in fact spending all that time pooping.

— The husband says he feels bloated and feels the need to poop after each meal.

"Recently, I lost my patience and told him that his pooping was affecting my life and that he needs to go to a doctor because this is completely abnormal," the OP wrote. "I continue to insist that he must have some type of disease such as IBS or something, that is causing his constant need to poop. AITA for upsetting my husband and insisting that he goes to a doctor for his excessive pooping?"

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As you can imagine, there were a LOT of opinions in the comments. Some were in disbelief that he would take a full 20 minutes to poop each time, and suggested he might be wasting time on his phone, in which case the OP is totally in the right:

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But others were quick to point out that people with IBS and other gastrointestinal issues can definitely take that long in the bathroom or go that frequently. Remember folks, don't force it!

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Of course, that would still make OP correct that the husband should see a doctor to make sure there isn't anything serious going on. However, some comments felt like maybe OP could have shown more concern and less annoyance.

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Several other commenters who have the same bathroom issues recommended a few potentially life-changing changes for the husband, such as buying a Squatty Potty, installing a bidet, eating more fiber, and starting a food diary.

But plenty of comments suggested that taking the phone out of the equation might reduce the duration a bit, regardless of whether there's something medical happening or not.

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What do you think? Is the husband in the wrong, or is the OP? Does everyone suck here? Is 20 minutes per poop, five times a day outrageous to you, or does it sound about right?