This Person Says They Went To The Hospital After Their Roommate Purposefully Exposed Them To Their Allergy, And It's Eye-Opening

We all have had a bad roommate or two, but recently, TikTok user Von (@thempress.von.infinity) shared an experience that put any other story horror story to shame.
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In the video, Von, who uses they/them pronouns, said that their roommate intentionally exposed them to one of their airborne food allergens. Von believes that this was the roommate's attempt to assert authority because she was upset.

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Von notes that their roommate was aware of the allergen, and had previously agreed to not bring the foods into the house.

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After some time, Von decided that they were no longer willing to discuss issues in person, and said, "I told her at that point, I wouldn't interact with her verbally any further, and she would have to email me about anything to do with the apartment."

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One day when returning home, Von noticed a bag of garlic and onions on the stove. They immediately asked their roommate to dispose of them, but she refused. The next day, Von returned home to find their roommate cooking with garlic and onions. "She watched me struggling to breathe, and when I said, 'I have to go to the hospital now,' she laughed," Von explained. They then left immediately for the hospital and received medical treatment, though physical effects remained as Von spent the next several hours vomiting.

Screengrabs from a video by TikTok user thempress.von.infinity with the annotated caption

For those with allergens, Von recommends getting your allergies and sensitivities printed on a card to carry with you, noting, "People will take the word of a simple printed card 1,000 times more seriously than the words coming from your mouth." In fact, it was because Von experienced so many people refusing to take their allergies seriously that they decided to make the TikTok video.

"I had dealt with it so many times, I knew that I couldn't be the only one," Von told BuzzFeed. "I thought that talking about my experience might help other victims see that it was never about them, and to reassure them that they're not faking it, they're not doing it for attention, and they don't deserve to have their health weaponized against them, no matter what justification someone uses."

Has someone in your life refused to believe your allergies, or even challenge them? Let me know in the comments.