The person who moved into Bella Thorne's house uncovered some truly bizarre treasures

A TikTok user named Rachel Turner moved

into Bella Thorne’s old house, and it’s just

about as quirky as the actress herself.

Turner said she gets a lot of questions about the

house, so she wanted to give her followers a tour.

When Thorne moved out, she of course left

behind some fascinating features in her

house, like the rainbow staircase and a

bathroom covered in graffiti.

But, as Turner explained in the video, she also left

behind her Teen Choice Award from 2015, a dinosaur

wearing a tutu and half a closet full of clothes.

Turner told BuzzFeed that she’s discovered a

lot of surprisingly personal stuff in the house.

“I don’t know how she was when she left,

because she left a lot of sentimental things

that I would think she would want”.

“She left a gift bag that was engraved from

her grandparents and her medical records”.

Turner said she is respectful of

Thorne’s belongings, though she does

occasionally borrow things for videos.

Turner said Thorne is still technically

her landlord and sometimes comes

by to check on things.

she offered to inquire about some especially

unusual items next time they see each other

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