Period Poverty Awareness Week aims to put an end to challenges many face in Las Vegas valley

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Period poverty is not a term that many are familiar with but when it comes to an individual’s menstrual cycle there are many not getting the proper supplies they need.

“We need help and people need to be aware that there are homeless women out there who are suffering in what can be an embarrassing situation,” Danielle Lacross shared.

Lacross, who has lived on the streets for years talked to 8 News Now about the struggles she’s endured on the streets of Las Vegas when it comes to getting the proper period supplies.

“I have had to use things that are not meant for that. Like cutting up clothing to get by. Socks. Wads of toilet paper or paper towels,” Lacross added.

A topic not talked about enough. Period Poverty Awareness Week hopes to change that.

Coco, who has been homeless for a year says when you’re out on the streets, you have to be resourceful to get by.

“We try our best to take a birdbath. You have to figure out some type of way to make the best out of a bad situation,” she shared.

Non-profit organization, Project Marilyn making it their mission to help women in need.

Project Marilyn founder, Wendi Schweigart works with several different agencies around town and said it’s the individuals on the streets that seem to get overlooked the most when it comes to these basic necessities.

“You drive down the street and see someone sleeping on the side of the road and immediately you think, do they have food or clothes, but never once did I think, what does she do when she gets her period?” Schweigart said.

Vegas Stronger and Project Marilyn working together to hand out supplies on the street on Friday.

Something Lacross hopes will become more of a priority moving forward.

“It’s hard to come forward and say, “‘I need pads and tampons,'” so having more readily available for women shouldn’t be as hard as it is,” Lacross said.

Another great resource is UNLV’s Wellness Zone at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center where menstrual pads and tampons are offered at no cost.

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