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Matt Harmon and Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler congratulate you, the people, on your great lineup choices.

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AUSTIN EKELER: Some people just need that, dude. They just need to hear that from somebody, like, that they have on their fantasy team. But, hey, we're human too. Like, we're trying.


MATT HARMON: Last week for the Fantasy Football Survival Kit we talked a little bit of negativity. We allowed people, actually sometimes I didn't allow people to panic, because you were being ridiculous. But today we're going to skew completely positive. We're going to let you all out there, the people, my people, take a victory lap on some of your best picks this year. Let's get right into it. Let's have some fun today. First one comes in from @duluthdan. Dan. Your name is Dan. Let's just go with Dan. He says, Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf, with a great GIF of Chef Russell Wilson, who has been cooking. Wilson is throwing touchdown passes at an incredible clip. And you love to see it. DK Metcalf is fully breaking out as a top-end number-one wide receiver, who I have always compared, let me take my victory lap here, I have always compared this guy to Dez Bryant. And that is exactly how he looks. And next. Next one comes in from @TrevorLewis444. Trevor. He says, I drafted Austin Ekeler late in the first round, and no one in my league is questioning that pick anymore. Now, Trevor, as much as I'm sure you need, you're craving that back pat from me, how about I get you some props from Austin Ekeler himself?

AUSTIN EKELER: I always feel a little hurt when people just automatically, like, Week One, oh, you didn't do it. You didn't score 50 points. Like, what are you doing? Especially this year. And we had zero preseason games. Like, we had no OTAs. So, like, think of how slow of a start there's probably going to be in the NFL. Like, I get it. I get it. Your fantasy team, you know, you need to score points and do all that. I get some people, I don't how, but they'll send me, like, Venmo requests. Or, like, you know, a DM on--


AUSTIN EKELER: They'll send me, like, a DM or something. Or, like, type in my comments, like, hey, you lost me this much money. I need you to pay me back. I'm like, bro, what? There's ups and downs. I tell them to bear with me. Some people does need that, dude. They just need to hear that from somebody, like, that they have on their fantasy team. But, hey, we're human too. Like, we're trying.

MATT HARMON: Next. Next. All right. This next one comes in from @Braddigan89. And, ooh, people thought you were crazy for drafting Josh Jacobs ahead of Davante Adams. Well I was kind of low on Josh Jacobs this year. I'll admit it. I was wrong. I thought that guys like Theo Riddick, Devontae Booker, Jalen Richard, and Lynn Bowden, ha, remember Lynn Bowden? I thought they would take targets away from Josh Jacobs. What an idiot! Jacobs has been a baller. You know, sometimes guys are just too good. And they just, they find a way. OK? And that's basically what we have here with Josh Jacobs, as the tempo, the tone-setter for that Raiders offense. Next. This next one comes in from Damaris, who picked Alvin Kamara. Well good on you. She nailed her first-round pick here with Alvin Kamara, who is the running back one overall. He's got 31 targets this year. Like, not even close. Ezekiel Elliot is number two with 23. He's clearly the top back this year. The Saints offense is pretty much just Alvin Kamara or bust. Like, break a bunch of tackles or we are totally and completely [BLEEP].

Next. I've been waiting for this one. And @thatguy5000 brings us Josh Allen. Whew. Josh Allen hive. We are here, baby. We are rolling all the way through a QB1 season from our guy, who's going to be one of the top-three most touchdown-scoring players here in 2020. I don't even think that's a phrase. But that's how excited I am about this Bills offense. Yes, if you drafted Josh Allen, and I drafted Josh Allen, too. Because I'm really smart. You are loving the fact that he's putting touchdowns through the air. He's putting touchdowns through the ground. Hey, he's responsible for 100% of the Bills' offensive touchdowns so far this year. It's been an amazing ride. And I don't expect it to let up. This team is just so fun to watch, with all the play-action, with all the motion. With all the deep shots down the field. The Bills offense is here to stay. It is going to be, I'm willing to say it now, I was willing to say it in August, it is going to be a league-winning offense. What am I supposed to say? Oh, yeah. Next.

We just talked about Josh Allen. So we've got to talk about his number-one receiver. And @Drizzy_Dru29 says he took Stefon Diggs in the seventh round. My guy Stefon Diggs was one of the biggest values in drafts this year. People thought this guy wasn't going to produce just because Josh Allen has had some questionable accuracy metrics? Uh, no. Wrong. He has been amazing so far. The best route-runner in the NFL. Stefon Diggs has been that guy for years. Now he's a true transformative player. Taking the Bills offense and just reaching it to higher heights, all on his own. Yes, the team is schemed well. Yes, Allen looks more comfortable than ever. But this is what happens when you take an elite talent, and that is what Stefan Diggs is, don't at me, he's an elite talent. You take one of those, you put it in an offense, you just jump up the next level, man. Hey, I bet the Minnesota Vikings really miss this guy right now. Just like the Houston-- we're off-topic, but just like the Houston Texans miss DeAndre Hopkins. Stop trading away your elite receivers in the middle of their prime, NFL teams! Give me a [BLEEP] break.

That is going to do it for the Week Four edition of the Fantasy Football Survival Kit. Special shout-out to Austin Ekeler, my guy, from the Los Angeles Chargers, joining us for this one. Make sure to check his Twitch page. I mean, you might get into a fantasy league at some point. For all of you, keep your eye on the prize, OK? Things have started to get a little rocky here in Week Four here in the 2020 season. If you thought things were going to be normal throughout the entire thing, you were kidding yourself. But you all made some great picks here on the Survival Kit. You deserve to take those victory laps. Let's just keep on going. Let's keep enjoying the football for as long as we can, man.