The Perfect Sleep Essential for Your Zodiac Sign

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Getting a great night's sleep is essential for everyone, regardless of your zodiac sign. However, some of us may have more specific needs, routines, and items when it comes to achieving that coveted night's sleep that is more suited for us.

Whether it's getting the right pillow, achieving the perfect light settings, or giving you peace of mind and quieting your racing thoughts, there are plenty of must-have sleep essentials that can help create a better night's sleep that fit with your needs.

Of course, our zodiac signs can be helpful in narrowing down specific options that could give us a more fulfilling night's sleep. Whether you're a mentally restless Gemini, a comfort-driven Taurus, or a productivity-focused Capricorn, your sign can offer ideas as to what products you should invest in. Check out your zodiac sign below to see which sleep essential you need for your home.

Tuft and Needle Weighted Blanket


A good night's sleep is ushered in by creating the perfect amount of cozy, and a weighted blanket is more than ideal for you, Taurus. This chunky-knit version from Tuft and Needle gives just the right amount of pressure to ease anxiety and relax your muscles while still prioritizing comfort. Form and function are non-negotiables for you as an Earth sign, and you shouldn't sacrifice either.

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Sound Therapy Machine


Complete silence is not necessarily the answer for you to get a great night's sleep, Gemini—but this white noise machine might be. It's highly rated on Amazon with over 28,000 reviews and features a variety of sounds so you can find what works for you. With your quick mind that never seems to shut down, white noise is key for allowing you to unwind and get some much-needed rest.

Wayfair Sleep 3" Down Alternative Mattress Topper


It never hurts to add extra comfort, especially when we are talking about your mattress. Instead of extra blankets or pillows, a mattress topper is a much more suitable fit for you, Cancer. A mattress topper is an effortless way to give your mattress some extra depth and create a cozier night's sleep, which is extra important for you as a moon-ruled zodiac sign. Plus, it can easily be removed and thrown in the wash for easy cleanup and convenience.

Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set


You're not a stranger to luxury, Leo, so it only makes sense that high-quality bed sheets would make your essential list. This isn't purely about status, of course—these sheets from Brooklinen are incredibly soft and breathable, allowing you to spend more time sleeping and less time tossing and turning.

ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier with Remote Control


Scent has a powerful effect on our moods, and the right combination can aid in the journey to better sleep. Sleep diffusers can be the perfect way to incorporate soothing scents for relaxation—which is a great fit for your critical, restless mind, Virgo. This particular model has over 37,000 reviews on Amazon (which is important for the sign who values knowing exactly what they are purchasing) and even includes a remote control for easy programming and adjusting.

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


A must have for great sleep and great hair? A silk pillowcase is a perfect fit for you, Libra. The benefits of silk pillowcases are well-known: easier on your hair, cooler feel than your average cotton versions, and add a dose of beauty to your space. This particular one from Brooklinen comes in a variety of stylish colors so you can easily find one that works for you.

Greyleigh Niemeyer Velvet Solid Max Blackout Curtain Panel


Many of us know that blackout curtains can be a huge asset for getting some rest, especially if you need complete darkness to fall asleep. For you, Scorpio, creating a sanctuary is of the utmost importance, and these curtains from Wayfair are an affordable option to keep unwanted sun rays from sneaking in.

Sidney Sleep Side and Back Sleeper Pillow


When it comes to sleep, you'd rather work smarter, not harder, Sagittarius. A side sleeper pillow is for all types of sleepers, despite the name. Its design allows you to sleep comfortably regardless of your position—and for a sign often pegged as restless, a pillow that works with you for the most comfortable position seems more than necessary.

JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock


In order for you to have a productive day, Capricorn, you need to be able to wake up and get started. This sunrise alarm clock is perfect for slowly introducing light (mimicking the sun) that will help you ease into your morning routine rather than being jarred awake into it.

GE C by GE Smart LED Light Bulb with Remote


If you like to take your time before going to sleep, smart sleep bulbs may be the best investment for you, Aquarius. The sleep bulbs are ideal to use in your bedroom to give you enough light to read or prepare for sleep, allowing you to unwind much easier under a warmer setting than harsh, brighter bulbs. The bonus smart features allow you to customize settings in whatever ways suit you best.

Levoit Smart 4L Cool Mist Humidifier


Especially for those in drier climates, humidifiers can help aid in better sleep. For you as a water sign, Pisces, choosing a smart humidifier that can be app-controlled allows you to set the perfect level of humidity to keep you cool and comfortable all night. Plus, it comes with an essential oil diffuser setting, so you can include calming lavender scents that will have you in a peaceful slumber in no time.

Perytong Bluetooth Wireless Headband Headphones


Your fire sign nature can leave you restless—which is why a pair of sleep headphones is a major asset for you, Aries. This pair is highly rated on Amazon and has a wide band design to prevent any discomfort while you sleep. It can function as either a way to listen to soothing sounds, a wind-down playlist, or simply noise-canceling headphones that will allow you to drift off with ease.

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