Pepsi brings back rare flavor that you’ll only find at IHOP locations

(KTLA) — Pepsi is bringing back a flavor that debuted two years ago (but was only available to a few people), but you’ll only be able to find it at one restaurant chain: IHOP.

It’s a fitting pairing, too, since the flavor is Pepsi Maple Syrup.

“As the leader in breakfast, we are continually innovating and expanding our menu to ensure we are introducing menu items our guests want, including the introduction of fun and exciting new beverage options like Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola,” Chef Art Carl, vice president of culinary at IHOP, said in a statement.

The drink is described as the “perfect blend of maple syrup-flavored indulgence with the crisp, refreshing caramel notes of Pepsi,” a news release said.

Pepsi Maple Syrup
Pepsi Maple Syrup

While that news release came out on April Fools’ Day, Pepsi Maple Syrup is now available at IHOP, according to the company’s website.

In March 2022, IHOP and Pepsi collaborated on the breakfast-themed soda. At the time, only 2,000 people got to try the unique flavor.

This time around, the drink won’t be available in cans but as a fountain drink option for IHOP guests. IHOP customers can order the drink on its own or get it as a float. It will, however, only be available for a limited time.

IHOP collaborates with Girl Scout Cookies on new pancake flavor

In addition to the new drink option, guests can try Cinnamon Apple Pecan pancakes, IHOP’s new Pancake of the Month flavor.

IHOP is also partnering with Sega to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog with new Sonic-themed menu items like Sonic’s Blue Blur Special, Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich and Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes.

Other new menu items, like two new chicken sandwiches, milkshake flavors, and a watermelon-flavored drink, will also be available to customers.

Earlier this year, in a collaboration with the Girl Scouts, IHOP released Thin Mints pancakes. They were only available through March as part of IHOP’s Pancake of the Month program.

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