People's Reactions to Seeing Australia Zoo Giraffe 'On the Move' Are Too Cute

We'd give anything to see this!

TikTok user @perthzoo posted one of the cutest videos we've ever seen. One of the cutest and more unique clips actually. You'd think a TikTok account for a zoo would be showing the different animals in their habitat, but this one is sure to throw you off.

The video actually showed a giraffe on the move in a very, very tall truck. Trust us, you've never seen anything like this. You'll be just as surprised as the people reacting in the video. No one has ever seen this before! 

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O.M.G. Now that is something you definitely don't see everyday! We'd be exactly like all of these people in the clip, running out to catch a glimpse of the truck passing or snapping photos. Talk about a once in a lifetime thing to see!

"The giraffe is probably thinking, 'What are we looking at???'" commented @fromfarfaraway4. HA! The giraffe was so confused why everyone was looking at him and the truck. He wanted to see what everyone outside was pointing at. Doesn't he know he's a celebrity!? "I bet the giraffe had a great time sightseeing," added @amy_vrgms. It's like the giraffe's own version of a double decker bus, checking out all the sites around town. 

Another TikToker @nonniibear said, "This would make my entire life complete." Right!? We never knew we needed this on our bucket list, but here we are. Time to fly to Australia and see giraffes on the move. LOL! 


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