People can totally relate to this hilarious montage of a little boy’s dislike for mornings

This mom posted a hilarious montage featuring her child’s distaste for mornings, and viewers of all ages feel seen.

For many parents of babies or small children, getting little ones to sleep through the night can feel like an uphill battle. However, for TikToker and parent Ashlyn Ross (@ashlyn_ross), getting her child to wake up in the mornings is the challenging part of his sleep routine, as shown in this hysterical video montage of her son, Briggs, who’s not exactly thrilled to greet the day, and viewers can totally relate.

The clip opens with a shot of Briggs passed out face down in his bed. “Briggs, wake up,” Ross says gently, patting the little boy on his back. “Ughhh, noo,” the toddler responds with a hearty groan.

Unfortunately, Briggs’ dislike for mornings only grows as the video progresses. The following shot features the toddler wrapped in a blanket as he lays on his side and stares blankly at the camera. “Say good morning,” Ross trills, attempting to persuade her son out of bed before immediately being met with an “Uh, no.”

Awakening from nap time proves equally tricky in the next shot of Briggs sleeping face down on a different bed. “Come on, we gotta go bye-bye,” Ross tenderly reminds the toddler. “I know,” Briggs snaps back with the angst of 1,000 teenagers.

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Another “Good morning” is met with, “No, night,” before the clip cuts to the final shot of a comforter, presumably with Briggs sleeping face down underneath it. When Ross utters the dreaded words, “It’s time to wake up,” Briggs twitches beneath the covers and bellows, “I KNOW!”

Ross gently tells Briggs to get moving to which the toddler responds, whimpering, “But I’m still sleepy!”

The funny video struck a chord amongst viewers who could relate to Briggs’ morning aversion.

“Me too, little man. Me too,” one user commented.

“I have a Briggs. His name is Mason. He’s 19 now and still gets up like this. Even with a good night’s sleep,” shared one parent.

“Where did you find footage of me as a child, and currently, if I’m being honest?” one TikToker joked.

Who knows? Briggs may not be a morning person right now, but maybe that will change when he’s old enough for a nice cup of coffee.

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