People On TikTok Are Making Cookie Dough Bread So Now I Want To Make Cookie Dough Bread

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: TikTok/telehuefoodie/Veronika_pajamas
Photo credit: TikTok/telehuefoodie/Veronika_pajamas

From Delish

I like to think that I know a lot about baking (and let's not get it twisted—I do!) but it seems like every time I scroll through TikTok, I realize that I am not nearly as creative or talented than most of the people on this app when it comes to the cool stuff they whip up in the kitchen. The latest one they're creating that's making me run for the mixing bowls is COOKIE DOUGH BREAD.

Unlike most TikTok recipes, there doesn't seem to be one singular one dominating our feeds, it's just a lot of people with very similar (and very delicious) ideas, which were also recently outlined by Elite Daily. But most seem to be remixing blogger and Instagrammer's @lilsipper's super-simple and super-genius four-ingredient recipe for cookie dough bread. She recently posted that thousands of people have been making the recipe and for good reason. Look at this bread! It's a huge hit on Instagram and it seems like it's slowly making its way to TikTok fame.

Other people on TikTok have added their own spin on the recipe like adding cookie butter or making it into a banana bread. You're all CEOs of baking innovation (did I say it right?).

And honestly, we've gotta have respect for the people who used boxed quick bread and added chocolate chips. I am sure it tasted just as delicious and took half the time. You are truly innovators and I might just pick up a box of quick bread this weekend an emulate you.

While we cannot claim to have come up with cookie dough bread ourselves, we DO have a similar recipe for Cookie Dough Pound Cake if you want to take this trend up several notches and several steps. Trust us, it's totally worth. Now, I'm off to order some chocolate chips.

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