23 Horrible Maids Of Honor And Best Men Who Should've Been Uninvited From The Wedding

Recently, we asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst things the Maid of Honor or Best Man did at a wedding. Here are some of the wildest.*

With a few from these three Reddit threads.

1."Wedding for my second cousin (the bride). The Best Man was absolutely wasted and was giving his speech. About halfway through, he says the bride's name and looks at her and loses his train of thought and just goes, 'God, you're just so sexy, I wish I would've fucked you first.'"


2."We did a simple and inexpensive wedding with family and friends. I did not have a good relationship with my older sister, but wanted to extend the olive branch. Worst mistake I ever made. She pulled her typical spoiled brat behavior because she wasn't the center of attention. She told my husband, 'The only reason you are marrying her is because you haven't fucked me.' She promptly was dropped off at the airport."


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3."Two of the best men went to college with the groom. It turns out all three experimented with each other. The two groomsmen hooked up the night before the wedding and were walked in on by one of their children."

"Thankfully the child was only six and the men were able to twist the story around when the six-year-old went around saying, 'I saw Daddy and Jimmy kissing naked in the hot room at the gym.' (The kid didn’t know what a sauna was.)"


4."The best man was a little too drunk. But you know when some people get drunk they 'spill the beans'? Well, he did. ... The best man staggers up saying how beautiful the bride looks and was nice enough with those remarks. He then said she'd have trouble with the groom in bed because he has a micro penis. He then starts yelling, 'MICRO PENIS, MICRO PENIS!!!' while being dragged off by his mates."

"The groom slumped his head into his hands out of utter embarrassment and had actual tears. Obviously, something he's had to deal with his entire life. His wife got up, sobbing, and ran out. We sat at our table thinking that after not even 24 hours, this marriage was over. Turns out this couple had both been saving themselves for this marriage, too. I felt horrible for the both of them.

Almost 10 years later they are still married, have two awesome kids and are very happy together. Turns out she didn't care at the end of the day and that he makes her very happy (in the sack) or so they say jokingly whenever we catch up with them. Still, most awkward thing I've ever seen at a wedding."


5."I worked weddings for a living and once saw the best man get loaded, give a speech, and profess his love of the bride and how they had slept together two nights before. Open bar: 1, Best Man: 0."


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6."The friend of a girlfriend of mine was getting married to the most obnoxious, drunk, douche ever. Anyway, at the reception all was going well when the best man decided to do his toast. He was already drunk at the ceremony so he's completely plastered now. I'll give you the gist of his beautiful message: 'First I want to thank fucking Father um, what the fuck's his name? Yeah, you father down there! Anyway, Dave, I remember when we'd go out all night and take chicks home and fuck 'em. It's all over now. Only one bitch from now on. You could cheat though I guess. Anyway, happy fucking marriage!'"

"Groom thought this was very funny. Whole place was crickets except for the groomsmen, who were lining up to give their speech as well. Mic turned off, music turned up...Divorced a few months later."


7."At my cousin's wedding, her maid-of-honor was a complete and utter mess who said she wasn't going to give a speech, then drank a bunch and insisted on it. She stood up and opened up her phone to the 'notes' section and just started reading down this list of memories and then going off on tangents and then going back to the phone and saying 'Whoops! lost my place. Where was I?' And her stories were AWFUL.

"They were about how she loved my cousin so much and hated the guy she married and how she thought he'd ruin their friendship, but she learned to tolerate him. It went on and on until one of my aunts started clinking her fork against her glass to get her to shut up and everyone started doing it and the DJ had to come and turn off the microphone. So this girl sits down, crying, and opens her little purse and pulls out one of those GIANT vape pens and takes a big pull and then just chucks a massive cloud in the face of the groom. It was amazing."


8."This happened at my close friend’s wedding years ago, but I know she’s still upset about it. One of her bridesmaids made a really racist comment about Black people in her speech (I’m still not sure how she got on that topic). ... There was a huge gasp, and the bride and groom were very upset and absolutely mortified. The bridesmaid still thinks she nailed the speech."

"I’ve tolerated her for the sake of my friend for the most part, but I still think the bridesmaid is a narcissist piece of work who doesn’t treat my friend kindly — and I’ve noticed that the happier my friend is, the worse this girl is towards her (saying nasty or mean-girl passive aggressive things 'as a joke' in front of others, leaving her out of plans and then going out of her way to talk about them in front of her…)."


9."The M.O.H jumped up on the table and flashed everyone. Then they pushed the cake off the table."


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10."During the best man speech, the best man proposed to the maid of honor. Totally stole the night from the bride and groom. Now the best man and maid of honor are in the process of divorcing."

"The bride and groom DID NOT know this was going to happen. No one did."


11."In 1989 my twin sister and Maid of Honor left the night before my wedding to go back to FL (my wedding was in MA) with our birth mother (who we both had a challenging relationship with). All she had to do was show up; I took care of everything else. Ruined my wedding. Who does this to their sister?"

"Years later I tried to reconcile with her, forgive and forget. She asked me to be in her wedding. I looked at her and asked her if she thought I'd show up...

I did."


12."My ex-husband didn't have a true best man. He couldn't pick, so they were all his best men. One of them (we'll call him Philly) came up to me while I was eating at the table and flat-out hit on me. Had his arm behind my chair, was telling me how great I looked, but in THAT way, and I just stared. Like... what? I assumed it was some game; he was that type of person."

"Philly also dropped trou (aka pulled off his pants) while I was right beside him to 'see if it'd get a rise out of me'. When I told my then-fiancé, he said that's just how Philly was. Yeah...I was very uncomfortable on my wedding day because of it."


13."I had my older sister be my Matron of Honor because I felt it was the right thing to do and as my big sister I adored her and always wanted to be close. I thought we had gotten closer recently because I babysat for her at least twice a week so she could complete her master's and I adored my nephews. I was really looking forward to hearing her toast and anxious to hear what she would say since she isn’t a person of many words. When it was her turn she took the glass and looked at me and said, 'I’m not going to toast you today. We already know enough about you' and then continued to toast my husband."

"He got two toasts that day since I had just met his best friend who was his childhood friend. I just stood there stunned and not wanting to make a scene. It still hurts to this day. It was one of the many red flags that told me my sister has zero interest in having a relationship with me unless I am doing something for her."


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14."I married my high school sweetheart and his best man was his best friend, who I was also very close with because we'd gone to the same school, been in the same friend group for years, and basically grew up together, AND he and I were currently coworkers at the same local business too! My maid of honor was my husband's sister. We only had those two as our wedding party. During their reception speeches, both praised my husband up and down, but barely said a word about me or us as a couple."

"It was strange because none of us had any beef with each other and there was no drama with the wedding or anything like that. They both just had closer relationships with my husband and forgot to include me in their speeches. It really hurt my feelings and it was embarrassing to appear snubbed in front of all our friends and family."


15."At my wedding during speeches, my MOH adlibbed her speech and started talking about how I (the bride) am always sick and broken and how my new husband was so supportive of alllll my diseases (I have one minor one that most people there didn't know or need to know about). She then bashed my mother for being too shy to give a speech. When the wedding video came back I made them delete all the speeches to never relive that embarrassment again."


16."The last wedding I went to before the pandemic had a very drunk maid of honor give a nearly 10-minute toast. It began with sweet stories about how she and the bride met in middle school and the history of their friendship, before veering into a very graphic account of their drug and alcohol-fueled 20s, including more sexual history than anyone needed to hear, including a revelation that the bride hooked up with a close friend of the groom."

"Everyone was mortified, but that maid of honor was very proud of herself for that speech."


17."Watched the maid of honor go into detail about how she and the Bride would have sleepovers when they were younger and poop in the backyard because why not. She then tells the father of the bride that the majority of the poop he picked up in the yard was not from the dog. Bride had her head in her hands from the beginning of the story."


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18."My Maid of Honor I had known each other for 11 years when I got married. She was my best friend who lived five hours away. I paid for everything for her (dress, hair, nails, makeup, etc), but two days before my wedding she called to say she couldn't make it because her boyfriend wanted to use her car. So I bought her a round-trip bus ticket and chauffeured her around. She showed up without any belongings so my rehearsal night was spent buying her clothes and toiletries for the weekend. Her toast at our reception could've been beautiful, but instead she spent the whole time talking about how I'd be her first pick as a teammate in a bar fight (to be clear, I've never been in one). Everyone was confused and I was mortified."

"She went home the next day and I haven't heard from her since. That was 12 years ago."


19."At my friend's wedding. Her whole family is a shambles and awful to her but she's so kindhearted she invited them anyway. Her sister spent the entire wedding (bearing in mind as maid of honor she was there from 8 a.m.) telling the bride how fat she looked, and pointing at things and loudly declaring, 'well at MY wedding I wouldn't have Xl it's tacky and awful' or 'I think I'll take that for MY wedding; she won't mind.'


And finally, we'll end on a few stories about groomsmen and bridesmaids that didn't end up being the Best Man/MoH, but were too good not to share:

20."My bridesmaid insisted on pressing my bouquet as a gift. Turns out, she threw it (on purpose) away shortly after the wedding and was lying to me for a year about the whereabouts, saying it was taking too long at the shop. When I asked her about it for the final time, she had an attitude about it, like I shouldn’t be upset."


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21."[I] was told about this from a wedding singer. One of their weddings turned into chaos when the groom snogged one of the bridesmaids at the bar...at the bar. In plain view of everybody. Fights ensued, place got destroyed, and the hotel kicked everybody out. "


22."Groomsman had a little too much vodka and decided to propel himself through a tempered glass door head-first. Turns out tempered glass is really hard to break. His limp body proceeded to slide down a flight of cement stairs. As I was calling the ambulance, a bridesmaid was screaming in my face about how I was 'going to ruin the wedding' and how he would be 'just fine' (as he twitched and drooled in my lap — completely sauced, concussed, and a good ounce stupider than he was five minutes before). We all went out for drinks after they carted him off, but the girl wouldn't let it go."


23."I’m no longer friends with two of my bridesmaids. They had never been anything but good friends prior. Out of nowhere, they refused to come to my bachelorette dinner because they were 'tired' (it was at 7 p.m. and involved nothing more). I said nothing. Then they showed up to the rehearsal 45 minutes late. No one spoke a word, but they insisted that 'everyone was mad' at them. They moped while getting ready for the wedding because of this and started a fight with my sister because she didn’t demand that my mom was there (my mom was with family, I didn’t care). Then, after, they claimed that they behaved poorly because they weren’t friends with the other bridesmaids and felt like I didn’t stick up for them (none of them knew each other well beforehand and I was busy getting married!). Then, with a big laugh, they told me that they burned their bridesmaid dresses a few nights later in a bonfire to expel the 'bad memories.' NOPE. Bye."


Did you have a terrible bridesmaid, groomsman, MoH, or Best Man? Let us know in the comments!

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