People Are Sharing Wild Conspiracy Theories That They Actually Believe In, And I'm Questioning Everything

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Conspiracy theories are obviously all over the internet. So, when Reddit user u/BayAreaBored510 asked, "What conspiracy theory do you fully believe is true?" I had to check them out for myself.

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Here are 17 of the best responses that range from government secrets to movie scandals.

Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

1."Area 51 was a conspiracy theory started by the US government to lead the Soviet Union into falsely believing that the US had alien technology during the Cold War."

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2."American public education is purposely declining to promote consumerism and make a more subservient population. For example, public schools used to teach home economics, wood shop, or auto shop. By cutting the budget for these programs, you're going to end up with adults who don't know how to cook (so they spend all their money at restaurants), sew (so they spend all their money on clothes), understand how to make small repairs (so they spend all their money on handymen), or take care of their cars (so they spend all their money at car dealerships or auto shops). And everyone will get ripped off because they are completely dependent on what the mechanic says instead of having their own pool of knowledge to draw from."


3."That the killer clowns of 2016 were originally a promotion for It, but it got out of hand."

scary clown waving and taunting it will see you in your dreams

4."I think the trend where you show a picture of yourself now versus 10 years ago was promoted — if not invented — by Facebook-owned social media companies in order to train artificial intelligence to be able to recognize and analyze how faces age."


5."Human cloning has already been done or attempted. We cloned a sheep named Dolly in 1996 and humans aren't that much different to sheep in their early blastocyst or embryonic development. Some government agency has probably cloned a human and are watching over that person right now."

Dolly the sheep in a museum

6."That the art market is actually a huge money laundering scheme. I don’t remember where I read this, but it said that kingpins and criminals will often buy paintings and sculptures for millions of dollars in order to make dirty money transactions legal."


7."Robert Kardashian destroyed evidence that would have convicted OJ. He was handed a Louis Vuitton garment bag by OJ's assistant right as OJ returned from Chicago. None of the cops paid any attention to him as he walked away with the bag. When the 'bag theory' was discovered a month later, Kardashian claimed to have lost it."

Robert Kardashian in court with OJ Simpson
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8."The US Military influenced the popularity of high school football to make sure high school graduates were in great shape when they signed up for military service."

- Unikatze

9."Kenneth Lay from Enron faked his own death so he could escape the US and not serve his time for the fraud he was convicted of. I believe he is alive and well, living off the $300 million he stole from Enron."

Kenneth Lay walking hand in hand with others
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10."The TrueCrypt organization was bullied/bought off into suddenly ceasing operations to encourage other closed-source encryption alternatives with back doors."


11."CSI television shows purposely over-exaggerate the forensic capabilities of various law enforcement departments to help project an image of total competence."

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12."My mom has a theory that whenever a contestant on Wheel of Fortune gets greedy, they manipulate the wheel to land on 'bankrupt.' Also, whenever there is a good-looking girl on, she believes they manipulate the game so that girl wins."


13."Someone was paid off to get rid of paprika-flavored potato chips in Lithuania in all major supermarkets but one. Three months ago, you could find it anywhere and it was like the third or fourth most popular flavor, I think."


14."The measuring lines on your detergent container are way more than you actually need, so you use it faster and buy more detergent. If your towels smell musty after you wash and dry them, it is because of all the excess soap that didn’t rinse out."

Laundry detergent cup overflowing

15."That all of those souvenir shops on prominent shopping streets in London, England are money laundering fronts. The ones with massive floor space selling key rings and knockoff hoodies, yet have no customers and only young, male staff."

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16."I once saw in one of those YouTube compilation videos where someone said that they were convinced these type posts come up every now and then for 'big brother' to check on the popularity of conspiracy theories. And now, I'm convinced."