30 Totally Legal Addictions That People Just Can't Quit

Most of us are familiar with habit-forming substances prohibited by the US and other countries. But plenty of perfectly sanctioned items/activities also have their draw...

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So redditor u/inNoutCross posed the question: "What are you addicted to that is perfectly legal?"

The answers seem pretty harmless at first, but when moderation has flown the coop, well...we may have a problem. Check out the top responses below.

(Note: Alcohol and cigarettes appear in the thread, but they're definitely harmful, so I left them out here. If you struggle with alcohol or another addiction, please check these resources from American Addiction Centers.)

1."The praise and approval of others."

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"I've worked hard to hide this fact, but it's definitely an issue."


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2."Coca-Cola and instant ramen."


3."Buying video games and never playing them."

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4."Going back to sleep after I wake up."

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6."My computer."

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"I have so so so many houseplants that when friends who haven't been over before come over, I get a lot of 😳😯😲 faces, followed by intense questioning.

Short version summation: It takes a whole day to check and water everyone. I use 16 gallons of water a week. No, not everyone is watered every week. Yes, I've killed a lot while learning how to houseplant. IDK for sure but close to 400 most likely."


9."Lying around and never getting anything done."

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10.Relatedly... "Procrastination."


11."My phone."

"Anyone else feel ashamed when they get their 'weekly screentime' report?"


12."Staying up late to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes at 1 a.m."

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14."Lip balm."


15."Using cotton swabs in my ears."

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"I know it pushes earwax in deeper, but damnit it feels good."


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16."Chronic masturbation."


17."Food delivery."

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"To the point that I'm angry while choosing my order and eating it. I think I have a genuine problem."


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19."Spicy food."

"It tastes so good."



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"I can take two to three a day and then go to bed before 9 p.m."


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"I guess it's not a terrible habit to have, but I spend a lot of time on Wiki Marathons."


23."Gummy bears."

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24."Sunflower seeds."


25."Biting my nails and picking at them."

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"I take three a day, but I don’t smell like shit."


27."Spending money."

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"That doesn't mean I have a whole lot of money to spend — I just can't seem to stop looking at store apps or yard sales or going out to eat when I don't need to. My wife reins me in for a lot of it, but I impulse-buy shit I absolutely don't need all the time. Maybe it's more of an impulse control problem, but it typically always involves money. For example, I bought custom eye contacts based off the Rinnegan and another Mangekyou Sharingan from the show Naruto... I'm 33."


28."Dog collars and dog gear."

"I have one dog. And like 120-plus fancy collars for her. I had to unfollow collar makers because I can't stop myself from overbuying sometimes, LMAO, but it makes me happy, and I never have gone broke over it. I just know I look insane with that many collars, leashes, bandanas, etc."


29."Beat Saber. I'm a 44-year-old dad."

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"On my second game ever, I almost scored a perfect on a 'hard' level, missing only three blocks. I've been hooked ever since..."


30."Vacuuming. I can’t stop, and I won’t stop."

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Is there a totally legal something you just can't quit? Let us know in the comments!

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(Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.)