People Are Sharing Common Things That Were Socially Acceptable In 2002, But Definitely Not Today

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Can y'all believe the iconic year of 2002 was 20 years ago? I can't. Anyway, on Monday, Reddit user u/moonhusky asked, "What was normal in 2002 but not 2022?" People came through with some great responses of things that were socially acceptable 20 years ago, but defffffinitely not now.

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Here's what they said:

1."Going out without a phone or any other kind of remote communication device. Imagine driving down a back road without any way to get a hold of someone if you break down."


2."Faux hawks — the mullet of the 2000s. But back then, they were called mohawks, which would not go down well today. I'm suddenly feeling like Grandpa Simpson. I guess Simpsons references too."


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3."Judging people for moving in with their partner before marriage. Now, it's more commonplace and actually financially logical to do so."


4."Hanging out at the mall for hours. Not really a socially common thing as much."


5."Describing men as 'metrosexual' because they took care of themselves."


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6."Making 'offensive' jokes in conversation was a lot more prevalent in 2002. Now, it's not tolerated as much."


7."Making plans. Back then your ‘Yes’ meant 'Yes' and you better show up on time to not miss everyone. Now, people be lazy and just text you when they’ll show up, two hours later."


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8."On a legal and social standpoint — smoking everywhere. People would smoke in restaurants and inside places sometimes. It was way more prevalent."


9."Fat-shaming and body-shaming. I say this after watching all the compilations of America’s Next Top Model. Those judges have a special place in hell."


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10."Showing up to a place you wanted to work and asking for a job — or at least asking to apply. Now, it's not socially acceptable."


11."Calling on the phone without texting first was socially acceptable. Now, cold calling is weird or considered rude."


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12."Going out with concealer as lipstick on."


13.Being in chat rooms with people of all ages, like MSN chatrooms. It's a good thing that it isn't a thing anymore."


Did they miss any? Let me know your examples in the comments below!