People Are Sharing Things That Once Signaled You Were Upper Class And Now Signal That You're Lower Class

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Last week, I wrote a post about people answering the question "What used to mean you were rich but now means you’re poor?" Our BuzzFeed Community commented some examples of how small/big things that used to be signs of status and wealth have, well, changed to mean something else (and vice versa).

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Here's what they said:

Note: BuzzFeed is not referring to anyone or any objects as denoting "poor"; it is solely meant to highlight this Reddit thread depicting how certain signs of status and/or wealth have shifted over time.

1."Hair with visible roots/balayage used to mean you couldn’t afford your hair dye and were poor. Now, people pay big money for what used to be trashy when I was a kid."


2."Lobster. My grandmother would not be caught dead with lobster as a child. It was easy to catch and easy to cook. People would catch them for a fun Sunday afternoon and then give their extras away — that easy. If you came to school with lobster and bread for lunch, it was a huge sign that you were poor. Now I regularly see it as one of the most expensive things you can eat on a menu. People will pay $50 just to eat the tail."


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3."Having a ton of kids. Poor farmers had five-plus kids for labor. Now, if you see someone with that many, usually they have money. No one can afford kids anymore."


4."Having a minimal home used to mean you couldn’t afford to have things. Now it’s a privilege that money can give you."


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5."Thrifting used to be a sign of being lower class, but is now something upper-class people do."


6."Bathtubs and showers. It used to be having a shower was a sign of wealth, and poor people could only have bathtubs. Now it’s cheaper places that only have showers, and more expensive places have a bathtub."


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7."I saw a map of how people get around in London. The richest walk or ride bikes because they don’t have to go very far for everything. That used to never be the case. Now, the further out you get from the middle, the more you rely on motorized transport. Also, the fact the richest people have moved back into cities."


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8."When I was a kid in the late '60s and '70s, a lot of rich kids had Camaros and Mustangs. Now, even driving a new one is a sign one is sort of tacky — even if they aren’t particularly cheap."


9."In the '70s/'80s, glass-top electric stoves were all the rage. No self-respecting upscale kitchen had a gas stove. Now, of course, gas is generally preferred in high-end kitchens."


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10."Jello. Aspic was a pain in the ass to make before industrial boiling methods, so a gelatin-based salad or meat dish was extra fancy."


11."Chicken dinner was a fancy diner back in the '50s, and now it's just Tuesday Taco meat."


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12."Napoleon had a special set of aluminum utensils for his formal dinner guests. It was the epitome of a display of wealth and scientific industrial progress. Now we've been throwing aluminum beer cans in the trash for 50 years."


13."Sugar-rotted teeth. The rich aristocracy in England used to brush their teeth, with honey which made them slowly rot."


And lastly:

14."Showing off your wealth — it’s typically a good sign that people aren’t wealthy."


Did they miss any examples? Let me know in the comments below!

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