People Are Sharing Simple But Genius Hacks To Save Money And I'm Definitely Going To Incorporate These

On Saturday, Reddit user u/Mental_Log4115 asked, "What are some random money-saving hacks?" People came through with random, resourceful ways to just save some money. Some are simple, and some will make you say, "Wow, never thought of that!"

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Here's what they said:

1."Just because you can buy something, doesn't mean you can afford it."


2."For every $10 it costs, think about it an extra day. For example, if it costs $70, reassess in a week (7 days) if you really want it. Keeps the impulsive buying at bay."


3."Cook in bulk — do like a big pot of something cheap to make like beans and rice or curry, and then eat leftovers for a few days. You use fewer ingredients over the week."


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4."Only drinking water is a solid one. Soda at restaurants or other drinks add up a lot."


5."Stop getting take out and going to restaurants. It's crazy how much extra money it can suck up."


6."I don't smoke, but I live my financial life as a smoker, meaning every Monday I transfer the sum of one week's worth of cigarettes to my savings account."


7."Avoid buying snacks and drinks for convenience when you're out. A 20-oz is usually $2. You can get a 2-liter on sale for $1 at times. A small bag of chips or another snack can be $1-$2. For another $1-$2, you can get a whole bag or box that has 4x the amount."


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8."Brew coffee at home, or get iced coffee from the store. There are some good brands for like $5/half gallon, and if you are too tired/busy to grind beans or brew, it's still cheaper than coffee shops."


9."Learn to sew buttons on, patch things, and re-stitch seams. New jeans are way more expensive than a button."


10."Before you buy something online, put it in your cart and wait a day or two. You might not want it anymore! Or if you do still want it, you might get a discount code emailed to you from the brand."


11."Pack your lunches for work. Eating out at work — where you are earning money — adds up."


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12."Eat before going grocery shopping. You'll buy less on impulse if you aren't hungry."


13."Every time you get a raise, automatically save half of the raise. Savings is anything that improves net worth, so paying off debt, putting in a savings account, investing in retirement, etc. The day before you get the raise, you didn't know it was coming, so the money isn't part of your plans yet."


14."Get an empty dish detergent bottle, fill halfway with distilled water, fill the rest with dish detergent, then fill the other bottle to the top with distilled water. Works just as well, and two bottles for the price of one."


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15."Buy store brands at the supermarket. They are usually made/packaged by the expensive name brands."


16."Put a $50 bill under your mattress. You'll forget about it eventually, and when it comes time to change the sheets, you've just earned $50."


17."Take care of your credit. You need that 780 credit score because it gives you buying power when you want to purchase big ticket items, like a house or a car, but you can do it at a low cost of borrowing. Between a house note and a car note, the cost difference of having good credit vs. mediocre credit could realistically be $1,000 per month."


18."Invest in a set of bar towels, and use them in place of paper towels. It saves money and is better for the earth — and better clean-up."


19."I use an app called Acorns that essentially is the equivalent of saving your spare change, but uses whatever debit and/or credit cards you link to it. It rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar and deposits that into a savings account. You can also double or triple what it rounds up if you want. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be used as a retirement/investment thing, but I just use it to save up a little money on the side."


20."Go to beauty schools to get a haircut. They're way cheaper than any barbershop/salon. If you shave, buy double-edge safety blades. You can get 100 for about $15. That's a small fraction of what a year's worth of cartridge razors will cost you."


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