People are sharing their most nightmarish customer service experiences on TikTok

TikTokers are sharing their worst customer service experiences on the video-sharing platform, and the results are dizzying. User Kayla Unique, who sells on Etsy, kicked off the trend on Dec. 18 with an insane story of a woman who allegedly tried to threaten her with a fake lawsuit after trying to scam her out of multiple candles. “I sent this woman a candle. It was marked delivered. She said she never got it. I said, no problem. I send her a second one. She also said she didn’t get that one,” Kayla explained. Kayla did send the customer a third candle, but as she explained in a later TikTok, that one apparently “arrived broken”. “So I told her that, ‘Hey, listen, I think you’re being dishonest. I’m going to have to contact Etsy on this,'” she continued. Kayla said the woman “begged and pleaded” with her not to contact Etsy about the situation. The woman later took Kayla’s address from the boxes the candles arrived in and sent her a six-page lawsuit with tons of spelling errors and a “notary symbol” that was actually just the Hogwarts logo. As insane as Kayla’s story is, tons of TikTokers have jumped in on the trend to share their own weird horror stories from dealing with customers