People Are Sharing Their Most Horrifying "Getting Walked In On During Sex" Stories, And I'm Scarred For Life

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There's nothing more petrifying than the idea of getting walked in on while doing the nasty (unless you're into that kind of thing — then no shame, of course).


In case you're in the mood for some searing secondhand embarrassment, we've rounded up stories from a Reddit thread by u/InspireAlarmAffector about people getting walked in on during sex. Here are 16 horrifying anecdotes:

1."I was about 18 or so and I was hooking up with my stepsister's friend, when my dad knocked on my door. The friend and I stopped and my dad popped his head in and asked if I was going anywhere tomorrow. I replied no and then he left. The next day, I asked him what that was all about and he replied, 'Well, I heard what was going on and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t your stepsister.' Thanks dad."

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2."I was a housekeeper in a hotel and walked in on a few people. I always knocked and called out first, but I think some people just liked getting caught. Some of these times included men performing solo acts."


3."My high school girlfriend giving me head in my truck, in her parents' driveway. She didn't like me finishing in her mouth, so I discreetly looked around and opened the door and finished in the driveway. The house across the street was having their roof replaced — the whole crew of roofers saw me nut in the driveway."


4."When I was in my teens, my grandparents had a hot tub that was inside an enclosed sunroom. The door from their bedroom opened right next to where it was situated. I was having sex with my girlfriend and working on her right boob. The door, about 2 feet away, opened and I made eye contact with my grandpa, just as I was licking my girlfriend's nipple. He coughed and said, 'Oh, um, excuse me' and closed the door."


5."I was on top of my girlfriend at the time, doing the deed. Her mom propped the door open. Not knowing what to do, I just froze. Her mother decided to calmly walk over to me and rest her hand on my bare shoulder. I stayed frozen as if she was a fucking T-Rex. All she said was, 'You better be wearing a condom,' walked out, and shut the door. I died that day."

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6."I was dating a woman with a young daughter. Early one morning, we'd been woken at dawn by the sun and were going at it; safe in the knowledge that the little mite was asleep...but no. Without warning, she ran into the room. At the time, I was on top, luckily with a sheet over us, so the little girl ran over, jumped on my back and shouted, 'Let's play horsey!' I'm thinking that if I move a muscle I'm probably committing a serious offense. Luckily for all involved, the effect of that thought was immediate, and I shrank away and out, letting mom scuttle out and find some clothes."


7."My mom walked into my room at the exact moment I was taking the girl's bra off, and asked if we were hungry. It was hilarious."


8."My wife and I forgot to lock the doors and our 4-year-old daughter walked in on us. We hid as quickly as we could and were successful at hiding what was going on. The next morning at breakfast, my daughter asked me if we thought she was a ghost and if that's why we were hiding under the blankets."


9."When I was a teen, my girlfriend at the time's mom walked in while I was under the covers going down on her. Not knowing what to do or say, I just stayed there hiding until she finished her conversation with her daughter, hoping I wouldn't be noticed. However, in the panic, I failed to realize my feet had been sticking out the end of the bed the whole time."

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10."My high school girlfriend was giving me my first blowjob. We were in my room, and she was lying down and wanted me to straddle her face while she did the deed. The door was next to the headboard, which I was facing. My mom walked in to see if we wanted dinner and, well, she saw everything. Dick in mouth, and me on top of this poor girl. She slammed the door and didn't let us back in my room forever."


11."My sister once walked in on me, saying that I had to hang up my laundry, since it had just been washed. I had just finished, and had some ejaculate on my hands, which I was in the process of cleaning (I was under covers so thankfully she didn’t see me naked). Upon noticing what was on my hand, she said with a horrified look on her face ‘What’s that on your hand???’ The only excuse I could think of was that I’d sneezed and some snot landed on my hand...It didn’t work."


12."Back in college when I was visiting my then-boyfriend (now husband) at his fraternity house, we were getting down with the get down when we were suddenly showered with drywall/insulation and greeted by two chubby legs protruding from the ceiling. Turns out, some of the brothers got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to explore the attic. The rest of the brothers stormed into the room to see if their fallen comrade was OK. So there I was, naked, covered in fiberglass insulation, putting on an unintended show for some of the guys who would later be in my wedding party."


13."My girlfriend and I were having sex on her mom and stepdad’s bed. I heard him open the front door and there was not much I could do at that point. So I get off the bed and squat down and start petting his dog that was watching us like a creep. He walked in the room and saw me petting his dog in my underwear while my naked girlfriend was still on the bed. I actually thought at the time that I was being inconspicuous. I wasn’t."

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14."Me and my girlfriend were fingering each other and we were really getting to it. We were in the living room on the sofa and I thought my dad was already asleep. I had my eyes closed for a bit, and when I opened them I looked over my girlfriend's shoulder and saw my dad standing there. I have no clue how long he was standing there."


15."I was on vacation with my ex-girlfriend and my family. My ex stayed in a guesthouse room and naturally I went down to 'see' her. We were having sex when BOOM, the door opened revealing my mom, young sister, and another family that was friends of ours. They all saw my bare fucking white ass and my embarrassed ex covering her face. My god, it was mortifying!"


16.And finally, "I was having sex with my girlfriend and my mother walked in on us, got surprised, and immediately backed out. A few seconds later, the door opened up again a tiny bit and her hand came back in with a thumbs up and I heard her say from outside, 'Way to go.'"

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