24 Unrealistic Depictions Of Real Life In Movies That 100% Grind My Gears

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share which movie tropes really get on their nerves. Here are some of the most annoying picks:

1.When women wake up in the morning looking perfect:

Poppy waking up
Universal Pictures

2.When women run from villains and scary creatures while wearing high heels:

Universal Pictures

Eno Aquaowo

3.When the rude, bratty, self-absorbed teen is almost always, if not always, a girl:

Dorrit giving backtalk to her father
The CW

4.When there’s just that one fluorescent light in dark interrogation rooms:



5.When people hang up the phone without saying goodbye:



6.When people never take their shoes off inside and even wear them on the sofas and beds:

Schmidt, Nick, and Jess sitting on a bed while wearing their shoes

7.When someone shows up at someone else's house to have a conversation that could have happened over the phone:

Jughead showing up at Betty's window

8.When people are able to have intense and intimate conversations in loud, crowded bars:

Lorelai and Emily having dinner at the bar

9.When a character says, "We have to talk," but doesn't elaborate on what needs to be talked about or when it needs to be talked about:



10.When someone gets shot and a person immediately tries to remove the bullet instead of waiting for medics:

Alex from "Grey's Anatomy" lying on the floor in his blood after getting shot

11.When a character tugs on a necklace that someone else is wearing and it comes off as if clasps don't exist:

Warner Bros.


12.When cheerleaders are usually portrayed as mean and/or dumb:

Universal Pictures


13.When two people go from yelling and screaming at each other to making out and on the brink of having sex:

New Line Cinema


14.When anyone at a bar orders a beer — no specifics, just "beer":



15.Same with coffee:

The WB


16.When the bad boy gets into trouble and his punishment is being forced to participate in the arts:

Landon performing onstage with Jamie


Warner Bros.

17.When every aspiring writer seems to become an author overnight:

Two copies of Lucas Scott's novels
The CW

18.When a character walks in on a conversation and happens to hear the most pertinent part, which usually results in a misunderstanding:

Shrek overhearing a conversation between Fiona and Donkey out of context
DreamWorks Pictures

19.When every high school student gets into an Ivy League college:

Serena and Blair sitting at their high school graduation
The CW, Netflix

20.When the mean girl is always flanked by her two sycophants:

Mean girls from "Mean Girls," "The Princess Diaries," and "A Cinderella Story"
Paramount Pictures / BuenaVista Pictures / Warner Bros.

21.When friends always meet up at the SAME spot, and you can usually find one of them there:

Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and her date sitting on the couch at Central Perk on "Friends"
Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

22.When a character spontaneously quits their job with no backup plan:



23.When everyone has everyone's phone number in the entire school:

Universal Pictures


24.Finally, when NO ONE SHUTS THE DOOR!

Kirsten and Sandy walking through the door without opening it